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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Cello Supreme Hand Blender | Hand Mixer | Beater – Easy Mix, Powerful 400 Watt Motor | 6 Speed Control + Turbo | Dough Hooks and Strip Beater attachments | 2 Years Warranty | Red

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Price: ₹2,450 - ₹1,599.00
(as of Jun 16, 2024 21:01:37 UTC – Details)

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Product Description

Hand Beater, Hand BlenderHand Beater, Hand Blender

“Introducing the Cello Supreme Hand Beater: Your Kitchen’s New Secret Weapon”

Introducing the Cello Supreme Hand Beater, the perfect kitchen companion for effortless baking and cooking tasks. Engineered with precision and durability, this hand beater offers supreme performance, ensuring smooth and consistent mixing every time. Whether you’re whipping cream, beating eggs, or preparing batter, the Cello Supreme Hand Beater simplifies your culinary endeavors with its ergonomic design and efficient functionality. Elevate your cooking experience and achieve perfect results with ease, thanks to the reliability and versatility of the Cello Supreme Hand Beater.

Hand Beater, Hand BlenderHand Beater, Hand Blender

Hand Beater, Hand BlenderHand Beater, Hand Blender

Hand Beater, Hand BlenderHand Beater, Hand Blender

Experience unparalleled versatility in your kitchen with the Cello Supreme Hand Beater. Equipped with a dough hook and sturdy beater attachments, this hand mixer effortlessly tackles a wide range of recipes, from fluffy bread dough to creamy cake batter. Its long cord ensures convenient maneuverability, allowing you to mix ingredients with ease, even in larger kitchen spaces. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a baking enthusiast, the Cello Supreme Hand Beater is your go-to tool for achieving professional-quality results every time.

Hand Beater, Hand BlenderHand Beater, Hand Blender

400 watt Hand Mixer that effortlessly beats and mixes the ingredients to the perfect consistency that your recipe requires
Use the dough hook to knead atta for chapatis or other types of dough for bread. Save your prep-time and switch to our hand beater to suit your fast-paced lifestyle.
Whether its tricky batters like chunky cookie mixes or smooth cream frostings, you can increase or decrease the power as required.
The appliance is a breeze to use with a single button for eject and speed functions. You can conveniently operate hand mixer with one hand too.
Comes with 6 Speed setting plus Turbo function. Includes Stainless Steel Beater and Stainless Steel Hooks. Warranty – 2 Year

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