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Career Options: Know here what are the unique career options after 12th, you will get good salary package


  • Unique career option after 12th
  • Which career is best?
  • Know here how work growth happens

Career After 12th: Most of the students are confused about what to choose after 12th. Often students are asked to choose a career according to their stream, so they think about all the options properly. But all the students should choose the career according to their interest. That’s why we are going to tell you unique career options, which you will like very much. These have good salary and scope, which will help in advancing your future.

data scientist
Data exists in every form, be it purchases you make at an online store, or the accounts you create on Instagram. Creates patterns to enable Data Scientist, Big Data Engineers, Data Analysts, Data Managers to understand data and make decisions. If syncing with numbers is your skill, then this could be the perfect career for you.

information security analyst
Data security has been a necessity for a variety of reasons—many organizations manage large stores of information, making it an easy target for high-tech criminals. The job of an information security analyst includes defending computer networks run by private businesses, government, and non-profit organizations. As machine learning and predictive modeling demonstrate their return on investment, many businesses are in need of an information security analyst.
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genetic counselor
A genetic counselor has special knowledge in the genetic field. Counseling may be needed to provide personalized support to patients as they consider their genetic health. Genetic counselors have sound knowledge in areas such as counseling to oversee genetic test results and support more informed patients.

growth manager
A growth manager is responsible for identifying company developments and managing their team’s efforts for different occasions. The Growth Manager sets goals and helps the team to meet these goals. Most growth managers work through growth hacking. A development hacking is one that encourages continuous experimentation. Growth managers often use growth plans.
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development engineer
DevOps is a development strategy that deals with running software and IT systems. Therefore, the DevOps engineer and the DevOps team form the relationship between the development and the system. Making sure everything is well updated ready to be released. After all, the development engineers are genuine about collaborating and removing the obstacles that come with it.

Lead Generation Specialist
A lead general specialist is responsible for driving sales from marketing to ensure that they are meeting the firmographic requirements needed to make a sale. Specialists research leads that meet stated requirements and increase them for sales. Lead generation specialists see that all opportunities that arise are genuine and profitable.


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