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Career In Psychology: After studying psychology, you can make a career in these fields, learn how


  • You can do these jobs after taking degree in psychology
  • Better career will be made in health care and therapy
  • Know here some offbeat career options after some psychology

Career And Jobs After Graduation In Psychology: Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior, which gives the opportunity to explore many questions inside the brain. For example, how the brain works under stress, how it learns language, remembers facts, or how any type of mental illness can affect the way it functions. A student can choose to specialize in specific areas of psychology such as health, clinical, educational, research, vocational, counseling, neuro, sports and exercise, and forensics during a psychology degree. There are many different options available to psychology degree holders depending on the specialization and interests, such as

  • Psychologist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Social worker
  • Counselor
  • Educational psychologist
  • Human resource manager
  • Teacher
  • Research roles
  • Media roles

Typical Psychology Careers
With a psychology degree, students are well prepared to pursue a career in both arts and scientific fields as per their interest. They have many options like public and private health care, education, mental health sports, social work, therapy and counselling. These roles can be advisory, research-based, treatment-based or therapeutic. There are also many options for psychology graduates, including jobs in the media and other creative industries. Those with a psychology degree can choose between these specialized and non-specialty careers.

Psychology Careers in Health Care and Therapy
1. Chartered Psychologist: As a chartered psychologist in a highly specialized role, you have the option to specialize in a range of areas including occupational psychology, educational psychology, sports and mental health. With further study and training you can qualify as a Chartered Psychologist. In this highly specialized role, you can work with people from all backgrounds, patients and clients. Under this, you can analyze your behavior, thoughts and feelings to better understand and give advice on some psychological issues. However, if you want to become a psychiatrist, you will need to have a medical degree.
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2. Psychotherapist: A psychotherapist works with individuals, couples, groups, or families to help their clients overcome emotional and relationship-related issues, stress, and even psychological distress, including addiction. It also depends on what you have chosen in your specialization during the degree. In which you can also choose to work as a psychotherapist. These include cognitive behavioral methods, psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapy, as well as art therapy, drama therapy, humanistic and integrative psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and experiential therapy.

3. Social worker: As a social worker, you can work to improve the conditions of people who are going through difficult times in their lives. These can be anyone such as children or the elderly or any other similar group, including people with disabilities and victims of crime and abuse. As a social worker you help save these people from harm. Social workers may work within schools, homes, hospitals or other public agencies.

4. Counselor: As a counselor, you can help people adjust better to their lives, feelings, and experiences. In most such works, the client’s information is kept confidential. It is most important for a counselor to listen carefully to what the client has to say. As a counselor it is important to have the ability to listen, empathize, provide respect and patience, as well as analyze ongoing issues to enable the client to better deal with their situation. Also to help him to make the right choice between different alternatives or amongst the dilemmas. Like psychotherapy, counseling is often a form of talk therapy and covers many areas, including marriage and family, health, abuse, rehabilitation, education, grief, mental health, career guidance and pediatrics.
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Psychology Careers In Education
Psychology graduates interested in the education field have many different options. In education as well as educational medicine, educational psychology, and social work within education, psychology graduates can qualify as teachers working in primary, secondary or college, university-level education. Also youth inside the prison can work to cure criminals. To become an educational psychologist you need the same qualifications as any psychologist (a master’s degree and further training). Depending on the level you choose to teach psychology, you will need an additional teaching qualification. You will need a Master’s/PhD qualification to enter careers in colleges and universities. Under higher education, you can make a career in both teaching or research.

Psychology Careers In Research
Psychology careers in research can be in research agencies, public and private organizations, or universities. University-based careers vary but combine research and teaching. Research careers within other fields are even broader, including government policy development or working for industry. You can also work for a charity or other non-profit organization that is conducting research to address challenges such as speech impediments, brain damage, the effects of legal and illegal drugs on child development or psychological health.

There are some careers with a psychology degree
In addition to all this, as a psychology graduate at the graduate level, you can find health care and educational psychology graduates working in all areas of society including media, criminal justice and rehabilitation, advertising, business and management, sports, public agencies and the legal sector . These are some careers with a psychology degree.

Media and Advertising Careers: There are a variety of careers in the media for psychology graduates. Psychology graduates can say many important things about human behavior to a company. Also can provide the ability to analyze problems, listen carefully, respond and act with empathy and reason. Because of this, psychology graduates are in demand within all departments, including management, production, scheduling, and writing.

Human Resources And Communications Careers: Human resource and communication career is also a good option with a psychology degree. Available in both the public and private sectors, these roles include areas such as employee satisfaction, professional development, training, recruitment, PR, payroll and internal communications.

Business and Management Careers: Business and management careers are another good option for psychology graduates. Although further training and work experience is required before entering into managerial roles. With this, you can start a career in the field of Business Consultancy, Marketing, Sales, Advertising or Business Development. A psychology degree can also provide a good foundation for careers in IT, finance, the legal sector, government administration, and market research.


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