Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Cambridge University: Indian student did wonders in Cambridge

Cambridge University: Cambridge University is known all over the world for its unique research. Recently, a 27 year old student Rishi Atul Rajpopat, who is doing PhD there, has created a new record. A student has solved a problem related to Sanskrit, which had puzzled scholars since 5th century BC.

According to a BBC report, an Indian student has decoded a text written by ancient Sanskrit scholar Panini, which was more than two and a half thousand years old. Rajpopat is a PhD student in the Asian and Middle Eastern Department at St John’s College, Cambridge.

According to the report of the Independent

The Independent reported that Panini taught a “metarule”, which was traditionally interpreted by scholars as meaning. It means “in the event of a conflict between two rules of equal strength, the rule that comes later in the chronological order of the grammar prevails.” However, according to grammar, this rule always gives a wrong answer.

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rejected old rule

This traditional interpretation of the metarule was rejected by Rajpopat with the argument that Pāṇini meant to say that between rules that apply to the left and right sides of a word, Pāṇini wanted us to distinguish between the rules that apply to the right side Choose. He concluded that Panini’s language machine produced grammatically correct words without exception.

had given up hope

He told the Independent that “I had a very exciting moment at Cambridge. After trying to solve this problem for a total of nine months, I was almost ready to give up. So I closed the books for a month And just enjoyed the summer. Swimming, cycling, cooking, praying and meditating. Then without any mind I went back to work and within minutes these patterns came to my mind as I turned the pages. Everything started to make sense.” After this it took two more years to solve this problem.

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