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By the end of 2021, this special technology will be in 1 billion smartphones around the world, its craze is increasing rapidly.

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According to new research, by the end of this year, around one billion smartphones worldwide will have wireless charging. Indeed, smartphone vendors such as Samsung, Xiaomi and OPPO and technology suppliers such as Infineon, MediaTek, Samsung SDI and Qualcomm are powering the rise of wireless charging with proprietary solutions that charge batteries faster than ever before.

According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, the installed base of wireless charging enabled smartphones will reach the record one billion mark by the end of 2021.

Since its introduction 10 years ago, wireless charging has evolved from a sophisticated niche technology to an in-demand charging solution for high-end smartphones.

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Ken Hires, Director of Strategy Analytics, said, “By 2026, we anticipate this will top 2.2 billion wireless charging enabled smartphones as the addressable market for high-end smartphones expands in emerging market countries with growing middle class technology. We do.”

Despite the high cost of wireless charging in smartphones, sales of devices are strongest in the Asia Pacific region with 49 percent of the installed base of wireless charging enabled smartphones.

“The rapidly growing middle class in China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and elsewhere in the Asia Pacific means that a growing proportion of the region’s population can afford technology,” said Ville-Peteri Uconaho, associate director of Strategy Analytics. is.”

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North America accounts for 21 percent of the installed base and Western Europe only 16 percent. Smartphone vendors, especially in China, are offering more advanced charging solutions, such as Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge.

“The Asia Pacific region will continue to be the largest market for wireless charging solutions for the foreseeable future and will continue to grow its installed base share of wireless charging enabled smartphones,” said senior analyst Yiwen Wu.


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