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‘By commenting on the Supreme Court, the Law Minister crossed the Lakshman Rekha’ – Senior Advocate Harish Salve

Supreme Court and Government Tussle: There is a tussle between the Modi government and the Supreme Court on many issues. Then whether it is not following the recommendations of the Collegium or the matter of appointment of the Election Commissioner, tension seems to be increasing continuously on all these issues. Now a statement of senior advocate Harish Salve has come to the fore, in which he has said about Law Minister Kiren Rijiju that he has crossed his Laxman Rekha. This statement has made it clear to what extent the dispute between the government and the Supreme Court seems to be increasing at present.

What is the whole matter?
In fact, a few days ago a notification was issued by the government that Arun Goyal has been appointed as the Election Commissioner. This appointment was challenged in the Supreme Court, after which the Supreme Court asked tough questions to the government. The Supreme Court sought full details of this appointment from the government and said how the decision was taken in less than 24 hours. There is an allegation against the government that Arun Goyal was immediately put on this post after retirement. Which is against the rules. At the same time, the government replied that this has happened in the past as well and no rule was violated.

What did the law minister say?
Now let’s talk about why senior advocate Harish Salve made such a statement about the law minister. When the Supreme Court questioned the government in a stern tone regarding the appointment of the Election Commissioner, the Law Minister replied. Questioning the Supreme Court’s remarks during a program, Rijiju said, what kind of question is this? If it is so, then further people can also ask that how the Collegium chooses the names of the judges. Questions can also be raised on this. Judges should speak through their judgments and refrain from making such comments.

Now, referring to that statement of the Law Minister, Harish Salve has called it crossing the Lakshman Rekha during an event. According to Bar & Bench, Salve said, “I think the Law Minister has crossed the Lakshman Rekha with what he said. If he thinks that the Supreme Court should keep its hands behind something that is unconstitutional.” And to amend the law, one should depend on the mercy of the government, so sorry, this is absolutely wrong.”

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During his address, Salve also mentioned the sedition law. In which he said that the Supreme Court should abolish the sedition law. Because in his opinion it was a colonial law which is against free speech.

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