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Business Idea: Start this great low-cost business sitting at home, you will become rich soon!


In the business of making jam, jelly, marmalade, you will need fruits first.
With this business you can earn well throughout the year.
Anyone can start this business at a very low cost.

New Delhi. If you are bored of doing a job and are thinking of starting something new, then today we have brought a great business idea for you. In today’s era, you have to face competition in every business. In such a situation, we are telling you about such a business in which there will not be much competition. With this, you can start this business with a very nominal cost.

Actually, we are talking about the business of Jam, Jelly and Murabba. Its demand remains in every season. With this business, you can earn well throughout the year and can become a millionaire soon. Jams, jellies and marmalades are something that people of all ages like. Along with this, it is also very beneficial for health.

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Start this business with very low cost
Anyone can start this business at a very low cost. You can start this business sitting at home by investing Rs.80,000. At the same time, you can easily earn up to Rs 2 lakh every month from this.

these things will be needed
You will not need to go anywhere for this business. Anyone can make it while sitting at home. In the business of making jam, jelly, marmalade, you will need fruits first. From this this product will be made. Jams and jellies are given a flavor from the fruit itself. Apart from fruits, sugar and pectin will be required to make it. This is a very profitable business, through this business you can also give employment to many people.

it will cost
Please tell that Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has prepared a report about this business. According to this report, to start the business of making jam, jelly, marmalade, about 8 lakh rupees will be required. Out of this, about 2 lakh rupees will be spent in making a building shed of 1000 square feet. At the same time, about 4.5 lakh rupees will be required to buy some machines. Apart from this, working capital of about Rs 1.5 lakh will be required. If you start it at home, you can start it with an expenditure of Rs 80,000.

Know, how much will be the earning?
According to the report, if you produce 231 quintals of jam, jelly and marmalade annually, then at the rate of Rs 2200 per quintal, your cost will be around Rs 5,07,600. At the same time, after selling it, you will earn about Rs 7,10,640. This means that you will get a profit of about Rs 2,03,040. In this way you can earn up to Rs 17,000 per month from this business.

Mudra loan scheme can help
At the same time, you can also take advantage of Mudra loan scheme to start this business. In this, you can get a loan of more than Rs 7 lakh. In this, you will get a loan at a low interest rate.

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