Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

Bullets rained on Rohingya camp in Bangladesh, seven people lost their lives

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A Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh was attacked by some unidentified people on Friday. The attackers opened fire in which about 7 people died. News agency AFP gave this information quoting Bangladesh Police. Four people died on the spot after the attack while three people were rushed to the hospital where they died during treatment.

According to the local newspaper Dhaka Tribune, the attack took place on the madrassa built in the camp. The attack happened around 4 in the morning. A security official said that some unknown persons started firing at the madrassa built in block H-52 of camp number 18 in Ukhia early in the morning. It was initially speculated that the attack was in fact a clash between two Rohingya groups who are rivals of each other.

one attacker was arrested
Speaking to the media, Ukhia SP Shihab Kaiser explained the attack in detail. He said four people died after the attack while three injured were rushed to the hospital where they succumbed to their injuries during treatment. According to reports, an assailant has been arrested from whom gun and ammunition were found. While the search for others is on.

Rohingya fleeing Myanmar
There are many Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. The largest of these is located in Camp Cox’s Bazar, which houses about one million refugees. They came here four years ago after fleeing from the neighboring country of Myanmar. In 2017, Myanmar’s military took action while campaigning against the Rohingyas. Rohingya are Muslims while Myanmar is a Buddhist majority country. Many Rohingyas are also living as refugees in the border areas of India.


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