Sunday, May 28th, 2023

Britain’s Prince Andrew’s military title and royal patronage end, ‘war hero’ has been accused of sexual abuse


  • British Prince Andrew accused of sexual abuse ends royal patronage
  • Their military titles were also withdrawn, now become common citizens
  • Duke of York Prince Andrew has received the title of a respected war hero in Britain

British accused of sexual abuse Prince Andrew has returned military titles and royal patronage. Buckingham Palace has reported that the Duke of York’s military title and royal patronage have been abolished following the approval of Queen Elizabeth II. Now officially he will no longer be able to use embellishments like His Royal Highness with his name. The Duke of York Prince Andrew has also received the title of Playboy Prince from a respected war hero in Britain.

Prince Andrew was ninth in the line of claim to the British throne. Her other roles will be divided among other members of the royal family. In the meantime, the Duke of York will perform no public duty and will defend the matter as a private citizen. A woman named Virginia Roberts Giuffre has filed a case against him for forcible sex.

Prince Andrew: From war hero to sexual abuse accused, learn about this son of Queen Elizabeth
Recently, a US court had announced to continue the hearing of the case against Prince Andrew. Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims she was the victim of notorious sex trafficker and financier Jeffrey Epstein. Giuffre first told the BBC in 2019 that she was forced to have sex with Britain’s Prince Andrew.

Geoffrey Epstein sent Giuffre
Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims that she was lured into his trap by Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with the Duke of York. Giuffre claims that Epstein forced her to have sex with his friends, including the Duke of York, at an early age. Andrew has repeatedly denied Giuffre’s allegations, but has also raised doubts about the Prince’s relationship with Epstein.

British Prince Andrew, 61, will appear in court to answer allegations of sexual abuse, the court has set a time limit
Prince Andrew has stepped down from royal duties
In 2019, Prince Andrew stepped down from his royal duties following allegations. The Prince then told the BBC that he understood the situation and asked the Queen for permission to step back from his duties. He said he sympathizes with everyone involved in the sexual abuse accused Jeffrey Epstein’s case, including all the victims.

Prince has served in the British Navy
Prince Andrew joined the Aviation Wing of the Royal Navy in 1978. He was enrolled in the Royal Naval College flight during March and April 1979. During 1979 he also completed the Royal Marine All Arms Commando Course, for which he received his Green Beret.[13] He was commissioned as a sub-lieutenant on 1 September 1981 and was commissioned into the trained force on 22 October.

Prince Andrew was the hero of the Falklands War
Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, a British overseas territory, on 2 April 1982. At that time, the British Navy had only one of two aircraft carriers ready for battle. Prince Andrew was also going to join the Falklands War with this aircraft carrier. At that time, the British royal family had recommended a desk job, expressing the fear of him being killed in the war, but Prince Andrew was adamant and joined the war.


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