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Bride-to-be Kiara’s fitness is not just like that, girls should take these 5 tips

Valentines Week It has begun and today is the first day of the week-long festival of lovers. Rose Day Is. Of course this day comes every year but this time this day is going to be more special. today means Bollywood’s favorite couple Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani will get married on February 7. being bound by. Their pre-wedding functions have started from February 5 at Suryagarh Palace in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

It cannot happen when there is talk of marriage and there is no mention of the bride. Some pictures of Kiara came to the fore after reaching Jaisalmer. The sure-to-be bride is wreaking havoc in every angle of the photo. Bala is looking beautiful in white jumpsuit and pink shawl. Actually, her amazing fitness is the strong secret of her beauty. Her figure is so amazing that any dress suits her very well. Let us know what Kiara does to maintain her figure.

(Photo Credits: Instagram- kiaraaliaadvani)

Kiara’s fitness is strong

Real or reel life Kiara has the power to make everyone crazy with her fitness everywhere. Well, who is not such a girl, who does not want an attractive figure like her? But do you know that Kiara follows a strict workout routine and diet plan to maintain her figure. Today we are telling you the secret of slim and trim figure of the bride-to-be.

Kiara goes to the gym daily

Kiara Advani’s workout routine

Kiara Advani's workout routine

According to TOI reportKiara is a gym lover and goes to the gym regularly and does various exercises to stay fit. Apart from this, she is also seen trying her hand at many types of physical activities like dancing and kickboxing at times.

Kiara Advani’s daily fitness routine

Kiara Advani's daily fitness routine

His daily fitness routine includes pilates, squats and functional training. She keeps changing her fitness routine everyday. By looking at his photos, you can guess how much he is passionate about fitness.

Kiara sweating it out in the gym

Kiara does these exercises in the gym

Kiara does these exercises in the gym

Kiara does a variety of exercises in the gym, she likes to do pull-ups which helps her to make her upper body fit and strong. Grip strength and body core strength can be increased or improved with pull-ups.

Kiara Advani’s diet plan

Kiara Advani's diet plan

Kiara is strict about her diet and this is probably the biggest secret of her amazing fitness. She keeps her diet simple and healthy, she does not like oily and spicy food. She includes more seasonal fruits and vegetables in her diet.

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