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Brahmins are descendants of Ibrahim, controversy over Lucky’s statement, now apologized

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Lucky Ali, one of the best singers, has apologized to social media users after seeing the growing controversy over his/her previous social media post, in which he/she described Brahmins as descendants of Ibrahim. On Tuesday, Lucky has also deleted that post from his/her Facebook, in which he/she described Brahmins as descendants of Ibrahim. Deleting the old statement, Lucky shared another post, in which he/she said that his/her intention was not to offend or hurt anyone. he/she sincerely apologizes for his/her statement.

Lucky Ali in his/her new post — Dear all, I am aware of the controversy in my previous post. It was not my intention to hurt anyone or create anger in my mind. I deeply regret this. Instead, I intended to bring us all together, but I realized that I didn’t say it the way I wanted to.

Lucky further said- From now on I will be more conscious about my words while posting anything, as I see now that this statement of mine has upset many Hindu brothers and sisters. I am deeply sorry for that. I love you all.

Actually, Lucky had said in his/her previous post – The name Brahmin comes from Brahma, which is derived from the word Abram. The word Abram comes from Abraham or Ibrahim. Brahmins are descendants of Ibrahim. Alaihissalam (Adam) is the father of all nations. So why does everyone argue and fight without reasoning amongst themselves.

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As soon as the controversial statement surfaced on social media, social media users started trolling Lucky Ali. One user wrote – Lucky Ali has taken a degree from Taliban College of Arts and History. Another user wrote – Lucky Ali after attending Osama bin Laden’s history class.

The third user wrote – Can Lucky Ali’s logic explain how a faith born 1400 years ago inspired a culture that came into existence at least 5000 years ago.

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Web Title-Brahmins are descendants of Ibrahim, controversy over Lucky’s statement, now apologized

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