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Boyfriend ate chips, then the crazy girlfriend ran the car over him/her! matter reached the court

Woman Tries to Run Over Boyfriend As he/she Ate Her Chips: You must have seen children fighting many times over things like chips and burgers. However, after growing up, these things do not affect people so much. If you think the same way, then we tell you the story of a couple who fought over potato chips, that too in such a way that the matter reached the court.

According to the report of Daily Mail, this story is from Adelaide, Australia. Here there was a ruckus between a couple, not over any gift or gold-silver, but over a small piece of fries. You will find it a bit strange to hear but something similar happened when the girl got angry on her boyfriend just because he/she had eaten a potato chip from her portion.

Boyfriend ate chips, girlfriend got angry
In the Adelaide Magistrates Court, a man named Matthew Finn told this story to the judge. This 42-year-old man said that his/her girlfriend Charlotte had bought a pack of chicken and salad. They were walking down Melbourne Street when Finn asked him/her for chips. As soon as she picked up the chips from her girlfriend’s food, she flared up. he/she not only snatched the chips but also asked her to get out of the car and tried to run the car over her.

matter reached the court
Boyfriend Finn took this matter to the court and said that the eccentric girlfriend wanted to kill him/her. At the same time, girlfriend Charlotte says that Finn attacked her, after which she stopped the car and pulled him/her out. Not only this, she herself wanted to come to the police station to complain, but on the way her car collided with a vehicle coming from the opposite direction. And the boyfriend says that she was coming to kill him/her, but he/she survived. At present, after the hearing of the case, Charlotte has got bail.

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