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Box Office: Tera Track Record Lage Farzi, Pooja Hegde… Tu Yeh Mane Ya Na Mane Teri Marzi!

You must have read the heading. Must have seen the bill again. Now you must be wondering what kind of woman she is. Being a woman, she is saying such things for another. Don’t be ashamed. Hegde did not get such a puja done, but I got it done. So please be cool. Because I am saying such a big thing, it is bound to be saying with some facts only. I must have also found out some news, that’s why I am saying this. May be where my attention has gone, yours has not gone. I am as much a fan of Pooja Hegde as you are. I also find Pooja Hegde beautiful. Looks nice Looks like a different look and style. But she seems a little weak in acting. Now there is so much freedom of speech that I can keep my words. Some may agree with me and some may not agree with me.

Nowadays Pooja Hegde is in discussion about her song Cat Cat. She will soon be seen in Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan opposite Salman Khan. Pooja Hegde’s career has been like the lyrics of this song. Have worked with many big superstars in the last two years. From South to Hindi films, he/she has done big budget films. But they have become like this. Prabhas’s ‘Radhe Shyam’, Vijay Thalapati’s ‘Beast’, Ranveer Singh’s ‘Circus’ and Chiranjeevi’s ‘Acharya’…all these films were of good budget. There were big stars but it flopped. Pooja Hegde was not the only reason behind the flop of these films. Nor is it that only Pooja Hegde has given flops as well. Some films of his/her career have also been hits, but the math behind it has been different. Let’s look at Pooja Hegde’s filmography and collections and understand how her 13 years career has been.

Pooja Hegde’s debut was a flop

By the way, Pooja Hegde did it with the South’s superhero film Mugamoodi (2012). his/her debut itself was a flop. Then her first Hindi film was Mohenjo Daro in which she appeared with Hrithik Roshan. This film, which came in the year 2016, was made in a budget of 138 crores, which could not earn even 53 crores. In this way Pooja Hegde’s Bollywood debut was also a superflop.

Pooja Hegde’s Maharshi with Mahesh Babu

Pooja Hegde then worked in back to back Telugu films. Meanwhile his/her big film Maharshi came with Mahesh Babu. The budget of this film was Rs 130 crores, which earned around Rs 129 crores in 8 weeks. This means that this film of Pooja Hegde also proved to be a fuss in terms of business.

mega budget film but earning is not big

In the year 2019, Pooja Hegde appeared in second Hindi film. This time she joined Akshay Kumar’s Toli film. Its name was Housefull 4. This multi-star film had a budget of 192 crores, which earned 200 crores while crying. Overall, this film also could not leave much impact and average was its verdict.

pooja hegde hit movie

Shehzada’s original film was Ala Vaikunthapuramlo. In which Pooja Hegde worked with Allu Arjun. This film proved to be a hit, which earned more than 250 crores and put four moons in the career of the actress. But this is the only superhit film in his/her report card. After this she once again appeared in back to back flop films.

Pooja Hegde’s biggest flop of the year

Pooja Hegde was also seen in the biggest flop of the year 2022, Radhe Shyam. Made in a budget of around 300 crores, this film did not earn even 17 crores properly. This was the biggest budget film of Pooja Hegde’s career and it was also the biggest flop film in which a superstar like Prabhas worked.

Beast, also know about Acharya’s condition

Pooja Hegde was seen opposite Vijay Thalapathy in Beast. This 150 crore film did not show much wonder at the box office. The same situation happened with Chiranjeevi’s Acharya, where the film of 140 crores was too heavy to earn 53 crores.

Akshay Kumar on Flops: When films flopped back to back, Akshay Kumar’s mind lit up, said – it’s my fault

pooja hegde report card

Pooja Hegde’s last film was Circus with Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty. It did a business of only 34 crores at the box office and got the tag of flop. In this way, out of total 16 films of Pooja Hegde, except one, most of Pooja Hegde’s films have been flops.

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