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Blue badge people on X are also earning money by spreading fake news, now this shocking report has come

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Twitter Now X is becoming a big platform for spreading fake news. In fact, ever since Elon Musk started giving away the BlueEye badge on X for money, fake news is being spread for money. From November 13–22, NewsGuard analysts reviewed programmatic ads that appeared in the feed below 30 viral tweets that contained false or extremely misleading information about the war. Yet super-spreaders, who are verified premium users with BlueEye badges, are still raking in Elon Musk’s advertising revenue after making conspiratorial claims about the Israel-Hamas war.

was introduced for creators

Under the terms of a new ad revenue sharing program that X introduced to its creators, a portion of the ad revenue generated by these organizations will apparently be shared with those spreading misinformation. NewsGuard, a for-profit organization that monitors misinformation, found that such misinformation posts were viewed collectively 92 million times.

Getting a share in the revenue by spreading misinformation

These 30 viral tweets were posted by “These 30 tweets collectively reached more than 92 million viewers,” according to X Data. On average, each tweet was seen by 3 million people.

There were false claims about the Israel-Hamas war

Analysts identified a total of 200 ads from 86 major brands, nonprofits, educational institutions, and governments that appeared in the feed below 24 of the 30 tweets that contained false or highly misleading claims about the Israel-Hamas war. Were. The ads NewsGuard found were served to analysts browsing the Internet using their own X accounts in five countries: the US, UK, Germany, France and Italy.

IBM removed its ads from X

NewsGuard’s report comes as Apple, Disney and IBM pulled their ads from X after boss Musk made allegations about an anti-Semitic post on the platform. After NewsGuard reached out to

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