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Bilwal Bhutto On Kashmir: It is difficult to convince the world on Kashmir … Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto’s confession, called India a friend

New York: Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto has accepted a big truth on Kashmir in the United Nations (UN). Bilawal has admitted that his/her country has failed to make the Kashmir issue a main issue in the UN and draw the organization’s attention to it. Bilawal also admitted that while all his/her country’s efforts have failed, all India’s diplomatic efforts on Kashmir have been successful in the UN. Bilawal accepted this in a press conference on Friday. In his/her statement, Bilawal termed India as a friend for the first time.

There are many challenges on Kashmir
Bilawal said in the press conference, ‘You need to know that we have to face a lot of challenges in promoting the Kashmir issue as an agenda of the UN and in drawing the attention of the organization to it.’ After this, Bilawal staggered a bit and mentioned India and addressed it as a friend. Bilawal said, ‘Our friends, neighboring countries (India) protest extensively that Kashmir is a disputed border. he/she also forwards this fact in the UN that Kashmir is not a disputed issue.

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No one believes the truth of Pakistan

According to Bilawal, India, contrary to reality, always insists that its occupation of Kashmir is justified and supported. he/she also said that it is very difficult to accept the truth that Pakistan thinks about Kashmir. Even if the international community rejects his/her views on Kashmir, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal has promised that there will be no let up in the country’s efforts.

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distance between two countries
Bilawal had commented on Kashmir before this statement. In return for this comment, he/she was given a befitting reply from India. In the Security Council, Bilawal mentioned Kashmir in a debate led by Mozambique on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Relations between India and Pakistan have deteriorated since the Pulwama terror attack in February 2019 and the abrogation of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status in August 2019. India has always maintained that apart from talks, Pakistan has created an atmosphere of terror and enmity.

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