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Bill Gates does not use the phone of his company Microsoft, when asked, said – the best phone…


Big Gates does not have Microsoft’s Surface Duo phone.
Microsoft co-founder uses Samsung’s foldable phone.
Big Gates is impressed by the screen of Samsung’s foldable phone.

New Delhi. It is generally believed that the owner of the smartphone company must be using the phone of his own company, but if you are told that Bill Gates, co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft company, uses the phone of another company, not his own, So maybe you are not sure. However, he himself has disclosed this during the Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session on Reddit.

During the session, Bill Gates told that he does not have Microsoft’s Surface Duo phone. He has said that he uses Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 phone for daily work. However, the matter of relief for Microsoft is that they still use Windows for desktop, laptop.

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Bill Gates told during the Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session on Reddit that he uses Samsung’s latest and biggest foldable Galaxy Z Fold 4. Gates is very impressed with the screen size of Fold 4.

Use phone and portable PC
He told that he was told that his phone does not give him the freedom to use a tablet. So they only use phones and portable PCs. However, his PC is still a Windows-based machine. He said that Fold 4 is the best foldable phone that Samsung makes. We call it the No Compromise Folding Phone.

hardware upgrade
Gates says that this device is technically a smartphone. It gives you access to two different screen sizes and form factors. It has one screen tablet and the other smartphone. Samsung has made a lot of improvements to the hardware, making it more robust and durable, while adding several multitasking tools via software to enhance its usability.

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Information about the use of apps
During this, Gates shared a little more information about the kind of app he used on his Galaxy Z Fold 4. He also used the apps in the phone that Microsoft has made, such as Outlook.

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