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Bihar: When she became a sub-inspector, she left her husband, saying – he/she used to beat her when drunk; Husband is saying – she is being rejected in love with another constable

love marriage in delhi
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The case pertains to Sadar police station area of ​​Muzaffarpur district where a young woman from the same locality eloped in 2009 and got married in Delhi. The husband started working in real estate in Delhi itself while the wife started working in a bank. In the year 2012, the wife felt like preparing for BPSC. After which he/she started preparing in a coaching in Gurgaon.

both have different charges

After demonetisation, the husband’s work slowed down and the wife also lost her job. Forced both returned to Muzaffarpur. The wife continued to do BPSC coaching in Muzaffarpur as well. In the 2019 batch, he/she got selected for the inspector. After getting a job, she refused to live with her husband. The husband alleges that now his/her wife is threatening to kill him/her. he/she has complained about this in the Sadar police station area. The wife is currently posted in Katihar. Prior to this, he/she has also made a written complaint to IG, SSP and SDO East. The husband has told in the application that during coaching in Muzaffarpur the wife befriended a young man. Gradually their friendship grew and turned into love. In 2019, both of them got the job of Inspector in Bihar Police. After this the wife started refusing to live with the husband. Here, the 10-year-old son told that when he/she used to stay at his/her grandmother’s house, his/her mother used to take him/her to his/her uncle’s house. Used to put him/her to sleep in the other room with other children and mummy and uncle used to go to the other room.

Accusation of female constable – Husband used to fight after drinking alcohol

The woman inspector termed all the allegations leveled against her as baseless. The female inspector says that in the past the husband often used to fight after drinking alcohol. his/her character is not good, so both are separated. his/her three sisters used to pay for his/her education. The woman constable told that she had come home on leave for two days. Wanted to meet her son, but husband and in-laws were not allowing her to meet. After this the help of the police was taken.

what does the police say

Satendra Kumar Mishra, Station Head of Sadar Police Station, says that the husband’s application has been received. Guidance is being taken from the senior officers for action.

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