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Bigg Boss OTT 2: ‘You are slow poison…’ Pooja Bhatt lashes out at Jia Shankar, exposed in front of everyone

Salman Khan’s reality show ‘Bigg Boss OTT Season 2’ is in the news. There has been a stir in the house ever since Elvish Yadav and Aashika Bhatia entered the house. Ashika is not seen doing anything special, but Elvish is in full swing. They are playing everyone’s band fiercely. A task also took place in the house, in which he/she openly told Avinash Sachdev. Seeing Avinash getting roasted, Falak started supporting him/her. After this, Pooja Bhatt started convincing him/her and this thing gradually went up to Jiya Shankar. Then there was such a fight between Pooja and Jia, which was not seen till date in the entire show. Pooja exploded like a bomb on Jiya and killed all four. Jiya’s whole secret was exposed in front of the family members. But here it has to be admitted that Jia also did not remain silent and spewed a lot of venom against Pooja. On the other hand, after seeing this avatar of Pooja, she is being praised on social media.

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Big Fight: Actually, after the task, Pooja Bhatt explains to the crying Falak Naaz. She tells that Jiya’s friendships and relationships change every week. First she befriends, then nominates. Quarrels and the next moment convinces by making a baby face. Gives heart to Falak, fights with him/her the next day. he/she did the same with JD Hadid. When she feels that she has been cornered, she starts crying.

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Pooja Bhatt exposes Jia Shankar’s secret

After this, Pooja opens up about Jiya Shankar’s entire story in front of Avinash Sachdev, Falak Naaz and JD Hadid in the bedroom area. She tells that Jiya is using everyone. She gossips the most. She becomes good in front and does bad things behind. It is a slow poison. As Krishna Abhishek said. he/she is very toxic. She provokes the person in front of her with her antics, makes them angry and makes them look bad.

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Pooja Bhatt told Jia – shut up

Jiya Shankar also does not sit silent after this. When she retorts, Pooja calls her ‘shutup’. Jiya says why should he/she keep quiet. Pooja says that ‘you can’t fool me’. You play games with Falak and show your good side. Be nice to Abhishek and then abuse him/her. Pooja said that ‘you provoke everyone. Wherever you go, you spread poison. Then she tells Falak, ‘You are being used. You are forgetting your personality, in the process of this. he/she has done this to everyone.

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Jia played the game again!

Users shared photos on Twitter to show that Jia Shankar played the game once again. She was seen crying in front of Falak. She is again trying to prove herself right by raising her hue and cry. You can watch the show on Jio Cinema app from Monday to Sunday at 9 PM.

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