Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Bigg Boss 16 fame Gori Nagori was assaulted, instead of registering a complaint, the police sent her home with a selfie

Gori Nagori Attacked: Bigg Boss 16 fame Gori Nagori is famous as ‘Shakira of Rajasthan’. Ghori remains very active on social media and also keeps sharing her amazing dance videos for the fans. However, this time this dancer has shared such a video on social media, seeing which the fans are stunned. Daral Gauri has told in the video that he/she was attacked by his/her brother-in-law on 22 May.

Ghori has told in the video how on May 22, when she reached Kishangarh in Ajmer for her sister’s wedding, she and her team were attacked by her brother-in-law and his/her friends. The dancer also tells that when she went to the police to complain, the policemen present there took a selfie and sent her back.
Ghori accused her brother-in-law of assault
The video posted by Ghori on her Insta seems to be of a wedding function. In the video, people are seen throwing the chairs by lifting them. While sharing the video, Ghori has also written a long note in Hindi. Ghori has written, “Hello friends, I am your Ghori and today what happened to me should not happen to anyone, that is why I am uploading this video.

Friends, my sister’s wedding was on 22nd May as I live in Merta City and I do not have father and brother, so I have an elder brother-in-law, Javed Hussain, who said that you should do the wedding in Kishangarh, I will make all the arrangements, so I told him/her But Kishangarh got married and I did not know that this was their conspiracy. They called Kishangarh and me and my team were attacked by my brother-in-law and his/her friends and brother.

Police did not register complaint
Ghori further wrote, “When I went to file a complaint, the policemen did not take my complaint and said that it is a domestic matter, settle it at home. The policemen kept me sitting for a long time and asked me to take a selfie. I am a single girl, my mother is at home and we are in danger from all these people. If anything happens to me, my mother and my team, then these people whose names I have taken in the video will be responsible for it.

Ghori appealed to the Rajasthan government for help
Gauri further writes, “All I would request is that the people of Rajasthan should support me. I appeal to the Rajasthan government and Sir Ashok Gehlot ji and Sachin Pilot ji to support me and get justice as soon as possible and whoever is at fault should be punished, my life is in danger, Rajasthan government.

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