Sunday, February 5th, 2023

Big reveal! Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi 12 Series mobiles will be charged in just 8 minutes


  • Xiaomi’s flagship smartphone series
  • Excellent in terms of looks and features
  • Xiaomi Mi 11 series launched in India

New Delhi.
Xiaomi Mi 12 Series Mobile launch 200W Fast charging:
While Xiaomi is creating panic all over the world with Mi 11 series smartphones and in India it has sold hundreds of crores of phones, on the other hand Xiaomi Mi 12 Series Mobile Launch The preparation is about to start. Yes, Xiaomi will launch its flagship Mi 12 series early next year if not this year, in which the biggest feature will be the 200W Fast Charging feature.

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It is being claimed about Xiaomi’s recently introduced 2000 W fast charging technology that this will make the smartphone’s battery full in just 8 minutes, that is, the time you wash your hands and face, your phone will be fully charged in that time. .

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Can Have Too Many Flagship Features
There is still a long time for the launch of Xiaomi Mi 12 Series smartphones, but before that the market of discussions has started heating up. It is believed that the look and features of the Mi 11 series mobiles will be great, as well as the camera, battery and processor as well as the operating system will have the latest technology. Tech experts have also started showing conceptual images of Xiaomi Mi 12, according to which this phone could have 4 or 5 rear cameras and its display could also be enough, whose refresh rate could be very high. At present, Mi 11 Ultra is the most powerful smartphone of Xiaomi.

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Equipped with strong look and powerful features

50% battery charge in just 3 minutes
Let me tell you that Xiaomi recently unveiled 200W HyperCharge Technology, which supports 200W wired fast charging. It is believed that if the Mi 11 Pro models are launched this year, then this technology can be seen in them. With the help of this technology, you will be able to charge your phone up to 50% in just 3 minutes. However, only after the launch, questions arose about this technology as to how safe it is. Now it is being said from Xiaomi that this technology is quite safe and it will not cause any problem to the users as well as the battery of the phone. Now in the coming time, it will be known when the Mi 12 series mobiles will be launched and how special will be in them.

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