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Big relief to Brijbhushan Sharan Singh, gets regular bail in sexual abuse case

Image Source : PTI
Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh

New DelhiBrij Bhushan Sharan Singh, the outgoing President of the Wrestling Federation of India, has got a big relief. Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court has granted regular bail to 6 adult women wrestlers in the case of sexual exploitation. Along with Brij Bhushan, the court has also granted bail to Vinod Tomar, an accused in this case. According to the information, both have been granted bail by the court with conditions. The Rouse Avenue Court laid down a condition that the accused shall not influence the witnesses while on bail.

Earlier, the judge hearing the matter had reserved the verdict after hearing the arguments of the accused and prosecution lawyers as well as the complainants. At 4 pm, the court granted conditional regular bail to both the accused. During the hearing, the counsel for Delhi Police told the court that the accused should be tried as per law and certain conditions should be imposed on the relief. When the court asked the prosecutor whether he/she was opposing the bail plea, he/she said, “I am neither opposing nor supporting.” “The application has to be disposed of in accordance with the law and the order passed by the Supreme Court,” he/she told the court.

The counsel appearing for the complainants opposed the application saying that the accused is very influential. he/she told the court, “Bail should not be granted. If this is allowed, then strict conditions should be imposed. Witnesses have been contacted from time to time, however there is no threat.” The counsel for the accused told the court that he/she would comply with all the conditions. The defense counsel told the court, “There will be no threats etc. The law is very clear. he/she should be given bail. I promise to abide by the conditions.

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