Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

Big disclosure about Realme Book Laptop! The company gave this important hint through video teaser

Realme is expected to enter the laptop segment soon like Xiaomi. The alleged Realme Book may enter the market by the end of this year and is often seen making headlines. Now, another interesting piece of information has surfaced that will leave many happy to hear.

According to the company’s recent tweet, its first laptop is most likely to come with Windows 11. Let us explain in detail….

Windows 11 will be available in Reality Book
Realme has released another laptop teaser, which is a glimpse of its preparations for Windows 11. While nothing is clear at the moment, there is a high possibility that the Realme Book might get Windows 11 at launch.

If so, the Realme laptop will become one of the first laptops to get the next-generation Windows 11 upgraded features, the ability to run Android apps, and more.

But we do not have confirmation of this at this time. Chances are it will launch alongside Windows 10 and upgrade to Windows 11. Considering that the launch is expected around Diwali, this could be a likely outcome. Whatever the case, we can expect the company’s laptops to taste the new Windows without much delay.

What will be special in Realme Book

  • Details about the Realme laptop are not yet clear. But, it’s most likely inspired by the MacBook Air. To recall, the Mi Notebook 14, Xiaomi’s first laptop in India, also borrowed design elements from the MacBook.
  • The Realme Book is expected to come with high-end specifications at a relatively affordable price point, which could be as low as Rs 50,000. This could include fast charging, Intel chips, 3:2 display and more.
  • The Realme laptop is expected to launch alongside the company’s first tablet, marking its entry into a new space.


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