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Monday, July 15th, 2024

‘Bhaiya Ji’ is the story of love in step-motherly relationships, Manoj Bajpayee lost in the sweetness of Bihar before its release.

Desi superstar Manoj Bajpayee’s 100th film ‘Bhaiya Ji’ is releasing on the big screen tomorrow i.e. on 24th May. Regarding this, a press conference was organized today at Cinepolis Patna, in which Manoj Bajpayee himself participated and talked about his/her experience of the film, various aspects of making and association with Bihar. During this, Manoj Bajpayee told that he/she never thought that he/she would be able to do even 10 films, but this is my 100th film. This is special for me and media also has a big contribution in my success.’ Manoj Bajpayee told that ‘Bhaiya Ji’ is a film based on the emotions of love and loss of relationships. A lot of hard work has been done on its making. I didn’t know that it was my 100th film because I was focused on work. The film’s director Apoorva Singh Karki drew our attention to this during the shooting. Also, many works have been done by my director to get #MB trending in my name. Today the public sees their victory in this victory of mine. This is a matter of comfort for me as an artist.

Manoj Bajpayee’s brother

What kind of movie is ‘Bhaiya Ji’?

Talking about the film, he/she said that ‘people from states like Bihar, UP, Ameer must know that there is love even in step relationships. This is the story of which, while it was being written, Apoorva Singh Karki and Deepak Kingrani were preparing for my film. During this time, the title of the film was also decided, Bhaiya Ji, which is the backbone of the story of this film. The action in our film is larger than life, but we have also kept in mind that the character should not be abandoned in the name of action, otherwise it becomes an action item.

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Manoj himself has taken action

Regarding his/her action in the film, he/she said that I am a Bihari. I went to the village, grew up with buffalo, bull, goat, elephant. Ate unadulterated food. Energy comes from that. For me, discipline is an important part of life. There is control in eating habits. After this, S. Vision, the legendary action director of South, worked hard with him/her and did the action after reciting Hanuman Chalisa. 98% of the film is action itself.

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definitely go to live in Bihar

Talking about his/her attachment to Bihar, he/she said, ‘I definitely come to Bihar once or twice a year. I stay here in my village most of the time. It feels good to be home with the family. But it seems strange since last one or two years. Miss your parents. When you see my films – like Aligarh, Satya, Sool, which established me as an artiste. There was no competition. There was competition from artists like KK Menon. We were people learning from each other. My path was different and by following that path I earned name as an actor. If I didn’t prepare myself, I had no one in Mumbai. So with my dream I went from the village to Delhi. There he/she established himself as an actor in theatre, then went to Mumbai. That’s why I tell people coming from outside into this difficult industry to leave the talk of nepotism and concentrate on their work. Whatever opportunities you get, learn from them and capitalize on every small and big opportunity.

Will Manoj Bajpayee go into politics?

On the question of entering politics, he/she said, ‘Why should a person who sacrificed his/her parents’ support for his/her dream go on a path where nothing is known? I consider it the biggest foolishness to go there. Let us tell you that along with Manoj Tiwari, Manoj Bajpayee, Vipin Sharma, Jatin Goswami, Suvinder Vicky, Zoya Hussain, Akash Makhija are in lead roles in this film. Produced under the banner of Bhanushali Studios Limited, SSO Productions and Aurega Studios, the film ‘Bhaiya Ji’ is produced by Vinod Bhanushali, Kamlesh Bhanushali, Samiksha Oswal, Shail Oswal, Shabana Raza Bajpayee and Vikram Khakhar. Co-producers are Bhavesh Bhanushali and Naveen Kwatra.

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