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Best Winter Hacks: These grandmother’s remedies are very effective in winter, cold and stiffness will go away.

Winter season has arrived, during this time one does not feel like getting out of the blanket. In winter, people need everything from food to tea inside the quilt. People also find it very difficult to work in this season.

Whereas in winter, one does not feel much like working when one has cough and cold. During the winter season, I remember my grandmother’s remedies a lot. In winter, our grandmothers used to try many such remedies, due to which we did not fall sick again and again in winter. Besides, these remedies make our life easier.

Get rid of cold with mustard oil

Medicinal properties are found in mustard oil, it is used in almost every Indian household. Mustard oil is also called bitter oil in our country and it is used in many ways. In such a situation, to avoid cold and cough, heat mustard oil lightly and add garlic cloves to it or add fenugreek seeds and cook it. When it becomes lukewarm, apply this oil on the soles of the feet. This will not only give you relief from leg pain. In fact, this recipe is also comfortable for those people whose feet are always cold in winter.

clove oil

Let us tell you that our grandmothers used clove oil to reduce chest tightness. You can also add cloves to coconut oil in winter. Applying this oil on the chest is helpful in reducing stiffness.

Do not bathe with too hot water

This recipe of grandmothers is very effective. Grandmother often used to say that bathing with cold water would remove laziness. But let us tell you that bathing with too hot water also has a bad effect on your skin. Also our skin becomes dry. Due to this, the essential oils of the skin reduce in winter and our skin also loses moisture.

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Ginger is a panacea for stomach problems

This recipe of grandmothers is very effective. Feeding honey and ginger together reduces the problems of stomach ache and gas etc. Ginger is considered very good in Ayurveda. Besides, many medicinal properties are also found in it. That’s why we all like ginger tea in winter.

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