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Before taking the child on a journey, pack these foods in tiffin, the stomach will not be upset

Traveling with kids is not an easy task. From changing diapers to feeding the baby, many things have to be done in between travels. There are many problems while traveling with a small child, one of which is baby food.

If you are also traveling with a small child, then you too must be facing a problem in choosing food for the baby. This is normal because many new mothers do not know what to feed their baby while travelling.

what to keep for baby

There is nothing better than baby food for a baby from 6 months to a year. Baby food is very nutritious and you can easily make it on the go. You can also take homemade baby food and use Cerelac available in the market.

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carry milk

Milk acts as a complete food for baby and toddler. It contains many nutrients. If the baby is breastfed, you can store and transport breast milk with the help of a breast pump. You can give this milk to the baby in public places and vehicles. Formula milk is also good here.

fruit puree

The puree prepared from the fruit is rich in nutrients and it is also very easy to make while travelling. You just take any one fruit, mash it and mix it with milk and feed it to the baby.

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Oats are full of nutrients and provide instant energy. You can take your hot milk. When the child feels hungry, add milk to a bowl of oats, mash it well and feed the child. Any fruit or dry fruit can also be added to oats for toddlers.

what to feed toddler

You can feed curd, chikki, granola bars, theplas or eggs to a child of one to three years while traveling. All these things are very healthy and you can easily carry them in the bag during travel.

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Avoid feeding these things

There are some foods that should not be fed to the baby while travelling, such as:

  • Do not feed oily things while traveling as it can cause heartburn or indigestion.
  • Do not drink sugary soft drinks. Give less liquid things to the child or else there may be chances of him falling.
  • At this time you should also avoid feeding any new food to the baby. If the child is allergic to that food, then the problem can be more during travelling.


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