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Be careful before pulling the train chain! This is how it is known from which bogie the railway police has pulled the chain

You must have heard about many rules related to Indian Railways, like if the ticket is lost then you will have to pay a fine of 50 to 100 rupees first, then you will be given another ticket. Or you can be sent to jail along with fine for pulling the bogie chain. But have you thought about pulling the chain of a bogie, after all, how does the railway police come to know from which bogie the chain has been pulled.
Perhaps you must have asked this question to yourself many times, so let us tell you today through this article, how does the railway police come to know from which bogie the train has been pulled. Maybe next time he/she will think 100 times before pulling the train.

This is how police get information

If you pull the chain without any reason in the train and you are thinking that the Railways will not know about it, then you are thinking wrong. Today’s time railways are fully aware of what is happening technically in the train. Actually, there is a valve attached to the train, now as soon as you pull the chain, that valve rotates immediately. This is how the RPF comes to know from which bogie of the train the chain has been pulled.

The sound comes when the air pressure is released

The sound comes when the air pressure is released

The bogie is detected by the sound produced when the air pressure is released. Whichever bogie the train chain is pulled from, the sound of such a strong air pressure comes from there that the RPF comes to know from which compartment the chain will be pulled.

Why does the train give the option of chain pulling?

Why does the train give the option of chain pulling?

The option of chain pulling in the train is given for the benefit of the passengers. If you face any kind of problem inside the train, you can stop the train by pulling the chain. If your station has arrived and you are unable to get down due to any reason, then you can use this chain. However, you must have a valid reason for pulling the chain. Because many passengers also misuse it. Many times people stop the train to get down at the place according to their convenience.

later is set by itself

later is set by itself

Let us tell you that emergency flashers are installed on the side walls of the train coaches. The flashers in the coach get activated as soon as the emergency chain is pulled. Then a light starts burning near the driver. After this, the guard, assistant and RPF reset the chain by themselves by reaching towards the bogie with chain pulling. Once the chain is reset, the air pressure gradually returns to normal and the train is ready to move again.

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