Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

Be careful Ankit, Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary is eating you like a termite!

It is said that a glass is half full of water, the best way to show it is to put a full glass in front of it and that is what Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary is doing for Ankit. She is doing this work again and again and again and again, but just like a termite, which is slowly becoming clear now. Priyanka who was trying to lift herself up by suppressing Ankit is now clearly visible. Whenever Priyanka feels that she is running away from the camera, Ankit becomes her first and favorite target, with the help of whom she tries her best to eat the footage. While Ankit may not be among those who shout unnecessarily in this house, but the truth is that he is right in few words but when the time comes, he definitely gives the right answer. Otherwise, in last night’s episode where the entire house was against Archana Gautam over her fight with Sajid Khan, the only person who suggested Sajid Khan about his mistake was Ankit.

Priyanka keeps trying to humiliate Ankit!
There are some contestants in the house of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ who somehow pull the footage towards themselves. Archana Gautam is on number one among them. The family members have also understood that Archana Gautam has become a fire in the house, with whom they can get a little bit of camera footage even if they are face to face. The same thing is now being done by those contestants who do not have any content to show on camera. In the midst of all this, Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary has another loophole, which she throws inside the house whenever she wants so that she can get some of the remaining footage and makes Ankit a pawn in this work. Priyanka is fighting such a false battle to make herself look up and Ankit down in front of the world, whose difference is now clearly visible to everyone.

Priyanka kept grinding the whole day for a cup of tea
If we talk about last night’s episode, not much earlier, everything is now crystal clear. How unnecessarily Priyanka wraps the poor and innocent Ankit in her trap to come in the camera and then she cries showing herself poor. In this whole conversation, from beginning to end, poor Ankit is seen. It was started by Priyanka with morning tea and today she decided that she has to sacrifice Ankit and she did the same. But, to be honest, this trick of Priyanka has backfired and this time Ankit’s place has risen in the eyes of the people.

Ankit was told the same thing again and again
Early in the morning, Ankit brings tea for Priyanka, on which Priyanka tells that for the first time today he has brought bed tea for her. On this, Ankit answers in very straight and clear words – How many times black tea, coffee has not been given to him. Priyanka says on this – Why always I give. Ankit says on this – I have always asked for it from Sajid sir. To this Priyanka replies – I am talking about morning tea. Priyanka says- You used to bring it after asking Sajid sir, I used to bring it after making it, son. On this, Archana again made content for herself and jumped in between. He said – No matter what you do Ankit, nothing is going to happen son. On this Ankit said – I have learned this from this house. Priyanka starts making it an issue and then starts repeating old things that when she used to make tea and bring it for him. Priyanka says – still you have brought only one day. Ankit says this much in innocence – where do you remember my words.

Priyanka has taken the entire contract of Ankit?
Priyanka repeats Archana that she is saying that the less you do, the less I count, what I do, I do it from my heart. Archana says on this – He does not even understand the joke, keep quiet. Priyanka is pulling this thing like a chewing gum and says – You once brought me coffee, she counted it today. Ankit just says yes in reply. Archana reminds Priyanka that this too was not told by Ankit but by Priyanka. Ankit says- She is always right, we are always wrong. Just Priyanka’s mercury is high, because the footage she wanted to eat here is also being taken with Archana and the rest is being given to Ankit. Now Priyanka tries to explain that what she was saying was a joke, but what Ankit was saying was a joke, she is not able to accept it. Priyanka does not delay in telling that you don’t get anything, everything comes on me like she has taken the entire contract of Ankit in this house. Perhaps he feels that whatever he is seeing in Ankit’s show is also because of him.

never gives a chance to speak
Priyanka is seen grinding mill for the whole day regarding this tea matter. When she is getting a chance, then she is arguing with Ankit about this matter only. Meanwhile, she is trying her best to prove that every time she has stood up for Ankit, every time she has to listen to him, she is the only one who has stood by him on every occasion. By the way, Priyanka is not doing this for the first time, but she has done this since the beginning. She does not leave any chance to hold Ankit down. Even before this, it has been shown many times that Priyanka asks Ankit something about the house, but when he starts telling, she silences him by saying that you don’t tell me all this.

Priyanka seems to be getting out of her hands
Priyanka knows what to say in front of the camera to increase her stature with her mouth. She also says these things that you are not wrong, I am wrong and mad and I am also stupid. I have fought so much for you. She does not want to take Ankit’s words as a joke, but is also forcing herself to take his words as a joke. Priyanka tries to tell him what he has done for her. She says that I have fought in your case. This time Ankit is cutting his words everywhere and says that like him, he too was joking. Priyanka sees this bet coming out of her hands and makes her listen again.

Ankit tries to show him the mirror
When Ankit tried to show her the mirror that you also make fun of me along with Archana, then remember the answer of the lady on this – Tere ko bad lage hai, that’s why I laugh with you and not support her. Wow bro, this is a good joke. If you do Rasleela, if we do, then the character is loose, this thing fits right here. Priyanka has left no stone unturned to prove to Ankit that he has committed such a big sin inside the house today. Priyanka again says- I feel bad even when many speak for me, I feel bad even when someone speaks for me, but what is in your case that it doesn’t matter to you if someone speaks for me and when for you It doesn’t make any difference to you even when someone speaks. Ankit clearly says – you are different, I am different. Priyanka again and again says the same thing – here I have fought for my share as well as yours.

Ankit lost heavily in this small fight

This time Ankit’s patience breaks and he replies quite calmly- Friend, you tell me every time, I told you not to take sides. Priyanka says – not told every time, now she has told, whereas the truth is that she has said these things many times. Ankit got him counted as to when and how many times Priyanka had told him. Priyanka also says – In the eyes of the world, you are good, I am bad and why not speak. In this fight, Priyanka told Ankit to be stone hearted. Ankit very lovingly and politely tries to tell her that don’t talk about my things, you are doing this to yourself, what have you heard. Now Priyanka also cries and says – no matter how much you do, I am the one who is wrong. And believe me Priyanka, after what you have done and said to Ankit in this small fight, it has been proved that you are wrong.

Priyanka is like that parasite plant for Ankit
Priyanka you are like that parasitic plant for Ankit who can never let him grow. You enjoy standing on them and score points for yourself and also know how to count it well. While people target Ankit because of his silence, you automatically prove to be a hero because you speak on his behalf. The truth is that if you call yourself good friends, then at least some good friends are not like that. If Ankit needs to play away from anyone the most in this show, it is none other than Priyanka.

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