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Monday, July 15th, 2024

Baloch Yakjehti Committee calls for unity ahead of Baloch national conference in Pakistan

The Baloch Yakjehti Committee held meetings in Kalat, Manguchar and Mastung to announce the upcoming Baloch National Assembly to be held on July 28.

he/she stressed the importance of Baloch national solidarity in stopping the atrocities being committed against their community. Using the social media platform X, BYC urged people to attend the event to be held in Gwadar on July 28, aimed at protesting against the violence being committed against the Baloch community.

Recently, Baloch activist Mehrang Baloch, speaking on behalf of the Baloch Yakjehti Committee in a video statement, announced plans for a Baloch national assembly in Gwadar.

In an impassioned appeal, he/she spoke on several key issues, highlighting the Committee’s strong opposition to the ongoing Baloch genocide perpetrated by Pakistan.

Mehrang pointed to various forms of genocide affecting the Baloch community besides direct violence, including deaths from road accidents, diseases caused by neglect, and drug-related problems among Baloch youth.

he/she also stressed the economic oppression faced by Baloch farmers, labourers and fishermen, citing examples of debt accumulation and land acquisition for state projects. Mehrang also condemned the exploitation of Baloch labourers and fishermen due to government policies.

In addition, Mahrang detailed the military’s harsh tactics in border areas and urban areas, such as curfews, home invasions, and violence against civilians. he/she drew historical parallels to underscore the gravity of the situation.

Mehrang’s speech highlighted the efforts of the Baloch Yakjehti Committee to raise awareness, promote unity among the Baloch people, and mobilize against state-sponsored atrocities in Balochistan.

Balochistan has a number of serious human rights issues, many of which are linked to long-standing political, economic, and social tensions. There have been numerous reports of enforced disappearances in Balochistan, where people, often activists or critics of the state, are abducted by security forces or unknown groups and held without due process.

The region has been accused of extrajudicial killings of activists, journalists and political dissidents, often under the guise of counter-terrorism operations.

The presence of military forces and paramilitary groups in Balochistan has led to allegations of indiscriminate attacks, aerial bombardment and abuses against civilians in conflict-affected areas.

Journalists, bloggers and activists face threats, harassment and violence for speaking out against human rights abuses or advocating for the rights of Balochs. Censorship and arbitrary arrests are reported.

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