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Monday, July 22nd, 2024

Baloch Yakjehti Committee accuses Pakistan of destroying society through enforced disappearances

For the past week, Turbat in Balochistan has witnessed a poignant scene of suffering and misery. Every day, families gather in the scorching sun, holding photographs of their missing relatives and pleading for their safe return.

The sit-in has attracted widespread attention and solidarity across Balochistan and beyond.

In a post on Twitter, Baloch Yakjehti Samiti said, “The sit-in in Turbat city has been ongoing for the past seven days. Families of enforced disappearances of Baloch individuals are protesting in the scorching heat of Turbat for their missing loved ones. Enforced disappearances are one of the manifestations of Baloch genocide by the state.”

The BYC condemned the State’s alleged attempts to harm those forcibly disappeared and inflict mental anguish on their families.

Furthermore, it argued that these actions are aimed at undermining Baloch society through repressive tactics, which it deemed a serious violation of human rights.

“With the clear intention of causing physical harm to the enforced disappearances and mental distress to their families, the state is deliberately trying to destroy Baloch society with such oppressive practices, which is a crime and a violation of human rights,” BYC said.

BYC stressed that when individuals are forcibly disappeared and their families subsequently engage in peaceful protests, they experience feelings of abandonment, despair, and desperation.

“When a person goes missing, and later, when their families protest peacefully, they are left alone, hopeless, and despondent. All of these circumstances create a single reality: the state is directly committing genocide against the Baloch people. Ignoring these families and not addressing their legitimate demands is a denial of the state’s brutal practices,” BYC said.

The issue of enforced disappearances in Balochistan remains a grave and long-standing human rights concern, attracting international attention due to its humanitarian impact and impact on regional stability.

Enforced disappearance occurs when a person is arrested, detained, or abducted by state authorities or their agents, often without any legal process or information about their whereabouts.

The practice of enforced disappearances is primarily associated with government security forces and intelligence agencies.

Their targets are often activists, journalists, students, and those who challenge state authority or advocate for Baloch rights and autonomy. Once disappeared, individuals are often held in undisclosed locations, where they reportedly face torture, inhumane treatment, and sometimes extrajudicial killing.

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