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Baisakhi 2023 | Baisakhi is incomplete without these delicious dishes, must eat on this occasion and feed these things to the guests. ‎ (‎‎Trending)


New Delhi: On April 14, Friday, the great festival of ‘Baisakhi’ (Baisakhi 2023) will be celebrated with pomp across the country. This great festival is celebrated every year on the day of Mesh Sankranti in the month of Vaishakh. On this day people sing and dance on drums. congratulate each other. Many types of delicious dishes are enjoyed on this day.

People also make different types of delicious sweets and snacks at home. You can also make many types of dishes at home on this occasion. Serve this dish to your guests. Surely everyone will like this. What delicious dishes you can make on this day, let’s know about these dishes-


Kheer is a very tasty and popular dessert. Any Teej festival is considered incomplete without Kheer. Be it adults or children, everyone likes this dessert. It is also very easy to make. It is made using rice, milk, sugar and dry fruits. If cardamom powder is used in it, it enhances the taste of kheer even more.

Chole bhature

Chole-Bhature is such a dish whose name makes anyone’s mouth water. Chole Bhature can be made on the occasion of Baisakhi. Chole-Bhatura is especially liked in Punjab.

Hard Prasad

On the auspicious occasion of Baisakhi, Kada Prasad or say jaggery pudding is made as Prasad. On this day people make Kada Prasad at home. It is made from jaggery and ghee. It is very easy to make. It is very tasty. In Gurudwaras also this Kada Prasad is given to the devotees as Prasad.

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Kesari Rice

You can also make Kesari rice on the occasion of Baisakhi. This rice is sweet. They are made from sugar and rice. Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and dry fruits are used to enhance the taste. After this, saffron is also added to it.


It is a different matter to drink cold sweet lassi in summer. The body gets a feeling of freshness as soon as it is consumed. Curd lassi is very beneficial for the body apart from being tasty. Sweet lassi is made using curd. You can also give your favorite tea flavor to the lassi. You can also consume rose or mango lassi.

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