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Bageshwar Baba roared about Hindu nation, program of divine darshan today

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Bageshwar Sarkar Dhirendra Shastri

The divine court of Bageshwar Sarkar Dhirendra Shastri is decorated at the Mira Road ground in Mumbai. Today is the second day of the Bageshwar government’s program, but since night Baba’s devotees have gathered outside that hotel in Mira Road. Devotees are standing waiting to have a glimpse of Baba. Devotees have reached here to fulfill the resolution of Hindu nation of Bageshwar government. In the Divya Darbar program being held in Mumbai, the Bageshwar government has once again reiterated its resolve for a Hindu nation. Along with this, he/she also fiercely challenged his/her opponents from the stage.

“Will accept India as a Hindu Rashtra”

On the other hand, on the first day of the divine court, the Bageshwar government once again announced the formation of a Hindu nation. Dhirendra Shastri said that India will be considered as a Hindu nation. Dhirendra Shastri appealed to the people of Mumbai to stand up for Sanatan Dharma. Called to take out a child from the house for Ram. When the Bageshwar government returned to the land of Maharashtra after two months, its attitude was more intense than before. Seeing lakhs of devotees at Mumbai’s Mira Road Maidan, the Bageshwar government was so enraged that it announced from the stage itself to taunt the opponents. he/she said that Mumbai is not mine, the whole of India is still left.

Bageshwar Baba tied the ‘thathri’ of the opponents
When Bageshwar Baba talked about tying a thari for the opponents, then he/she got his/her devotees to raise the slogan of making India a Hindu nation. The formula of how India will become a Hindu nation, how Sanatan Dharma will grow in the country was also explained by the Bageshwar government to the devotees from the stage of Mumbai. There may be opposition to Baba Bageshwar in Mumbai, but Baba himself seemed unfazed by it. Amidst all the protests, the divine court of Baba of Bageshwar Dham was held in Mumbai on Saturday.

Huge crowd for darshan of Baba in the early morning
Now today there is a program of divine darshan of Baba. It is believed that even today this court of Baba will be full. Along with this, many leaders and ministers can also reach the court to mark their attendance. Hundreds of devotees thronged even in the early morning to have darshan of Baba Bageshwar. A huge crowd of devotees was seen amid tight security at Maheshwari Bhavan, the place where Baba Bageshwar stayed. Jai Shri Ram’s slogans were heard in high profile areas in the early morning today.

Devotees surrounded Shyam Manav
During this, the devotees present there said that the resolve to build a Hindu nation has brought us here. Baba has taught us Sanatan Puja. Devotees say that Shyam Manav from Nagpur had challenged, but since this morning Baba is in Mumbai, why didn’t he/she come here?

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