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Baby has got the habit of pulling hair, how can parents get rid of this bad habit?

Children have many strange habits and actions, one of which is hair pulling. Yes, you must have also seen that whenever someone goes near the child to love him or tries to kiss him, the children start pulling his hair. Some even pull the child’s own hair. It is possible that your child may also have this habit, but you do not need to worry about it. However, you should work on getting rid of this habit of the child. Next, we are telling you what are the reasons for this habit in children.

why does baby pull hair

Baby hair pulling is normal. Dr. Vivek Sharma, Consultant Pediatrician at Penguin Pediatric Care and Eternal Hospital, Jaipur, says that usually babies may pull their hair to get the attention of their parents. Sometimes he can do this even when he is tired, sleepy or irritable. Whatever the reason, pulling a baby’s hair is not okay. However, in some cases hair pulling may be due to ‘trichotillomania’.

What to do

It is a medical condition that needs to be treated. If this condition is being detected in the baby, then you should immediately see the pediatrician.

If your child has a habit of pulling hair in anger, then you can definitely make some efforts to stop him from this. If your child pulls his hair, keep his hair short. If the child has long hair, he can easily pull them, so keep his hair short.

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give no reaction

if your Baby has a habit of hair pulling to get attention, He wants you to listen to him. Whenever your baby does something like this, keep calm and do not react. With this, gradually the baby will leave such behavior.

get used to saying no

Your words mean a lot to the baby. If your baby pulls his hair, say ‘no’ to him. Every time your baby does something like this, pull her hand away and say ‘no’. This will let your baby know that this type of behavior is unacceptable.

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talk with love

Baby may not understand your language but he will definitely understand your gestures. If you have not liked any of his action, then you try to explain it to him. On pulling hair, keep on explaining to him that he is doing wrong. You explain to the child with a little love and do not shout at him.

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