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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

Babar Azam will not get a place in the West Indies team let alone India, he/she is not fit for T20

New Delhi. The Pakistan cricket team has been eliminated from the first round of the ICC T20 World Cup. The team led by Babar Azam had to face defeat in the group matches against host USA and then India. Former England captain Michael Vaughan has given a shocking statement on the defeat of the team that made it to the finals last time. he/she believes that Babar Azam is not fit for T20 and he/she may not even be able to make it to the West Indies team.

Michael Vaughan said on Cricbuzz, “They cannot blame the weather. They had to defeat the US and Indian teams. If they had done so, they would have surely managed to make it to the Super 8. At this time, I do not see Pakistan as a team playing T20. Even though the team managed to reach the T20 World Cup final last time, even after that I do not consider the team capable in this format. I do not think this team was good, they did what the Pakistan team has been doing.”

Pakistan lost in the Super Over against host USA in this year’s ICC T20 World Cup. After this, they had to face a humiliating defeat against the Indian team as well. Babar Azam’s team could not even achieve the target of 120 runs. USA’s match against Ireland was washed out due to rain and both the teams were given one point each. Pakistan’s hopes were pinned on the result of this match but as soon as the match was cancelled, it was out of the tournament.

The former English captain questioned Babar Azam’s ability to play in the T20 format. he/she believes that he/she would not have been able to make a place in any top team. Vaughan said, “As much cricket as I have seen in the last few months, I do not think Pakistan has the ability to play T20 cricket. To be honest, I do not think this team has very good players in the T20 format. Babar Azam is a very good player but will he/she be able to make a place in the T20 team of England, Australia, India or even West Indies. My answer to this would be, probably not.”

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