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Avian flu havoc in these countries including America

Avian flu in America: Avian flu is wreaking havoc in some countries of the world including the United States of America. Due to this, 50.54 million birds have died so far. According to the statistics of the American Agriculture Department, this is by far the most dangerous flu in the history of America, which has killed so many birds at once.

What is avian flu that is spreading in birds?

Avian flu is a disease caused by a virus. Which happens to birds. Due to this disease, there has been a lot of difference in the health, production and even the international business of birds. Although it does not infect humans, but if a person is in close contact with birds, it can spread to humans as well.

50 million birds killed

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50 million birds that have died from this disease are mostly chickens, turkey birds and other birds. According to the records of the ‘US Department of Agriculture’, this is the worst disaster related to the health of American birds and animals till date. In the year 2015 also, avian-flu had knocked in America, but at that time the number of birds that died due to it was not that much. But this time the figure is much more than thought. This is the first time in the history of America that 50.5 million birds have died due to this flu. This has topped all previous records.

More than 1 million chickens can die at once

Birds start dying due to infection of this disease. If a single bird tests positive for avian flu, then the rest of the birds living together are killed or they die themselves, because this flu spreads very fast. The number of birds that die in chicken farms can also be 10 lakhs.

Avian flu threat in other countries

Along with other countries of Europe, Britain is also facing avian flu crisis. Some British supermarkets have also banned the sale of eggs. After the death of so many birds at once, there has been a huge jump in the prices of eggs and turkey meat in the market. Because of which consumers are facing financial crisis. This flu had knocked in America in the month of February. According to USDA data, poultry and non-poultry birds of 46 states of America were infected with this disease.

How does this flu spread among birds?

According to HPAI (highly pathogenic avian influenza) wild birds like ducks through direct contact with their faeces, feathers or poultry ‘pathogenic avian influenza’ Spread the virus of (HPAI). In view of the outbreak of this disease in the year 2015, security and cleanliness in poultry farms have been increased more than before. Farmers are making special arrangements to keep wild birds out of their barns to get rid of this disease. The USDA told Reuters that about 30% of flu cases in 2015 were directly of wild bird origin, compared to 85% this year.

USDA Turkey farms account for more than 70% of commercial poultry farms infected with outbreaks. According to the ‘US Center for Disease Control and Prevention’, government officials are studying infections in turkey farms to prevent flu infection. People should avoid unprotected contact with birds that look sick or have died, although an outbreak poses a low risk to the general public.

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