Friday, March 24th, 2023

Attention! If you have downloaded this app in your smartphone, delete it immediately, the bank account will be empty!


  • Fraud apps are downloaded in many people’s phones
  • steal your personal information
  • Smartphone users can cost millions

New Delhi. Smartphones have become quite common in today’s time and in such a situation the number of victims for cybercriminals has also increased. Now through the apps in the smartphone, all those tasks can be done easily, which used to be difficult to even think of doing. Yes, today we are telling you that these apps can prove to be harmful as well as beneficial for you. From ordering food through the app, shopping for clothes, banking transactions and digital payments, the app is used. In such a situation, if there is a cyber fraud through the app, then along with the theft of personal data, money in the bank can also be stolen. In such a situation, before downloading any app in your phone, you should thoroughly investigate it. Here we are telling you about some such things, which you should keep in mind while downloading the app.

Effect on Battery: If you have downloaded a new app in the phone, then after that the phone’s battery is draining rapidly, then this app is not right for your phone. If the battery is getting depleted more and more frequently, then there is a possibility that a virus has entered the phone.

View Rating on App Store: If you are downloading an app from Google Play Store or App Store, then during that time you should see how many times that app has been downloaded. Users who download the app share their experience on the app, which determines the app’s rating. Download an app only after seeing this.

Error in app name and other details: Whenever you are downloading an app, you should pay attention to it that there is nothing wrong in the spelling of the name and information of that app. If it seems then you should not download that app. In such a situation, that app is likely to be fake. By downloading this type of app, your personal data can be stolen and money can also be withdrawn from bank account.


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