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At what height does the fan get more air? Buy the right size wall fan according to the size of the room

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The wind of any fan also depends on the size of its blades and the number of blades.

How To Buy A Ceiling Fan: It has been very hot since the month of March itself. As soon as the summer comes, people have started making arrangements for coolers and ACs. Although there is less need for coolers and ACs, but the need for fans has started being felt from now on. Many times it happens in the summer season that even when the fan is running at full speed, there is less wind. There are many reasons behind this, but we think that the fan has gone bad or the fan is old, so it is not blowing air. Let us tell you that whenever you buy a fan, which things should be kept in mind so that you do not face any problem in summer.

How much air the fan will give you depends on its power, but some work done from our side also affects the air of the fan. How much air the fan will give you also depends on the height at which you place the fan.

Many factors affect the wind

At what height should the fan be installed in the room so that it gets good air, it depends on many things, such as- what is the height of the ceiling, what is the size of the room, not only that what is the height of the people of that house, keep these things in mind. The fan should be installed by keeping it in.

The height of the fan from the ground should be

Let us tell you that the height of a normal fan should be about 10 feet from the floor, however, while installing the fan, do check that if someone is standing on a bed or chair, their head does not touch the fan. If the ceiling of the fan is very high then you can use the down rod to bring the fan down.

Buy the right blade fan according to the size of the room

The wind of any fan also depends on the size of its blades and the number of blades. Let us tell you that according to a general rule, if the size of your room is up to 75 square feet, then fans with 29-36 inch blades will be best for this. If the room is from 76 to 144 square feet, then it would be better for you to get a fan of 36 to 42 inches. You should always take a fan with 44 inch to 54 inch blade for the hall.

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