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Artemis 2024 Spacesuits: Why Are the Spacesuits of NASA Astronauts Going to the Moon So Special? ₹2200 crore spent till now

In the year 2024, the American space agency NASA is working on the Artemis mission to send its astronauts to the moon. This mission is most special because for the first time a woman will be sent to the moon. Along with this, spacesuits are also going to be very special this time. Decades later, humans are being landed in space somewhere other than the International Space Station. In such a situation, these suits made of modern technology will help them to do their work comfortably. (Photo : NASA)

Rest and work, both necessary

Spacesuits not only protect astronauts from the conditions of space, they also have to be comfortable. In a CNN report, Megan Marples has told that it takes up to four hours to wear a spacesuit. He quoted Kathleen Lewis, curator of the International Space Program and spacesuits of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum, as saying that wearing a suit requires someone’s help. Astronauts have to check every part before going on a spacewalk. For this the most important thing is to be functional of the suit.

Spacesuits are very special

During the spacewalk, the team sitting on Earth is connected to the astronauts. According to NASA, a spacesuit consists of half a dozen parts and it can have up to 16 layers. The suite of astronauts going on the Artemis mission is named the Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit or xEMU. It will be first tested on the ISS. Richard Rhodes, deputy lead for xEMU pressure garment development, says its key feature is a cooling garment that will maintain the astronaut’s body temperature. Apart from this, a lot of attention has also been given to gloves this time which used to become a cause of trouble in earlier times.

‘Spacecraft’ in itself

Each suit comes with a portable life support system that includes a water tank for cooling garments, a carbon dioxide removal system, and more. It also has a two-way radio system. Each suit has different colored stripes from which the astronaut can be identified. Rhodes has told that in four years, NASA has spent $ 300 million to make xEMU. Rhodes says that the suit should also give astronauts comfort in working, but also protection from the moon’s environment.


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