Monday, February 26th, 2024

Arnold Dix reached Baba Boukhnag temple after the success of Silkyara Tunnel Rescue Operation.

Rashmi Khatri, Dehradun: International tunnel expert Arnold Dix on Thursday reached the shrine of Baba Boukhnag, the Bhumiyaal deity of Silkyara, after 41 workers who were imprisoned for 17 days in the under-construction tunnel of Uttarkashi came out safely.

Arnold Dix along with the SDRF team went to the temple and took the blessings of Baba Boukhnag. It was because of Arnold Dix’s faith in the divine power that he reached the temple to thank Baba Boukhnag and seek his blessings for the success of their complex rescue operation. Along with this, Arnold Dix also praised the efficiency, efficiency and dedication of SDRF during the rescue operation.

On the morning of Diwali, on November 12, a part of the tunnel under construction had collapsed, filling the tunnel with debris for about 60 meters. During this time, 41 laborers working in the tunnel were trapped inside the tunnel. Rescue operation started to remove the debris from the tunnel and safely take out the 41 laborers trapped inside, but as the debris started being removed, more debris started falling from above.

After which the rescue operation was stopped and a drilling machine was called. Machines from across the country and abroad were brought to Silkyara and the rescue operation gained momentum. Many obstacles came and the rescue operation continued intermittently. In the end, when there was only a few meters left to reach the workers, the auger drilling machine also died. After which the team of Rat Miners made a path to reach the workers by manual digging.

This rescue operation gained momentum after the arrival of Australian tunnel expert Arnold Dix. Here, along with technology, people also bowed before faith. At the same time, after seeing the temple of Baba Boukhnag established outside the tunnel, Arnold Dix could not stop himself and bowed before the temple of Baba Boukhnag.

Along with Arnold Dix, all the officers, ministers or chief ministers and the soldiers involved in the rescue operation folded hands in front of Baba Boukhnag before going into the tunnel. While the local people are cheering Baba Boukhnag as his prediction proved correct within 3 days, tunnel expert Arnold Dix could not stop himself from visiting Baba’s temple today.

Today, Arnold Dix paid his respects to Baba Boukhnag after 41 workers trapped in the Silkyara Tunnel for the last 17 days were safely rescued during a joint rescue operation by various rescue agencies. Arnold appeared very emotional and overwhelmed after seeing Baba Boukhnag. The local people were also very happy to see the faith of the Australian tunnel expert towards the God of Devbhoomi.

Arnold praised the efficiency, efficiency and dedication of SDRNF during this period. During this, he recalled those challenging days and said how everyone worked shoulder to shoulder to make this operation successful and supported each other in difficult times. He boosted the morale of the SDRF team by sharing his various experiences. He inspired the soldiers to work with the same zeal in future also.

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