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Are antibiotics ineffective on those who eat chicken? know how true it is

Antibiotics: Eating chicken is beneficial for health. You must have heard this till now. Protein, vitamins and many types of things that benefit health are found in chicken. That is why health experts call it good for health. But according to a recently published research report, eating chicken in excess can reduce the body’s immunity. It has also been told in this report that the effect of antibiotics is less on such people who eat chicken. Let’s know what this report says…

immunity becomes weak

Most of the poultry farm owners give a lot of antibiotics to maintain the health of their chickens. For this reason, antibiotics can reduce the effect of people who eat chicken. That’s why chicken should not be consumed in large quantities.

Side Effects on the Body

According to health experts, most people buy and cook chicken according to its health. As soon as this chicken is eaten, the antibiotics present in the body of the chicken are immediately transferred to the body of the person eating it. For this reason, immunity is affected and then the same medicines are not able to affect. This also causes many other types of problems.

same situation all over the world

The cases of transfer of antibiotics from the body of chicken to humans are called AMR i.e. Antimicrobial resistance in medical language. According to WHO, antimicrobials are used in the form of antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, or antiparasitics to prevent or treat infection in humans. Health has become one of the challenges.

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