Monday, February 6th, 2023

Archeology News: Precious gold necklace was buried in England for 1300 years, skeleton of princess found with jewelry in excavation

London : Archaeologists have discovered a 1300 year old gold necklace. This necklace is made of gold, garnet and other precious stones. This necklace has been discovered from a site in central Britain. The necklace and other valuables were discovered in April by locals in the county of Northamptonshire. It is being called Harpole Treasure. The treasure also reveals the powerful role some women played in Anglo-Saxon England.

According to researchers from the Museum of London Archeology who unearthed the treasure, the jewels were buried with a noble lady, reports CNN. He died between 630 AD to 670 AD. The treasure also included a large silver cross, two pots and a copper pot. This suggests that the woman was powerful and extremely religious in her own right, possibly a Christian preceptor or princess.
Treasure unearthed in cemetery excavation, archaeologists found gold and silver jewelry inside ancient tombs
It will take two years to study
Dozens of graves of elite women have been discovered in many places in Britain, which are known as Bed Burials. In some cases similar necklaces have also been found in the graves. Some of these sites are older than the 7th century AD. The discovery was made on April 11 but was made public for the first time on Tuesday. Museum officials said it would take at least two years to study the find but hoped the Harpole treasure would eventually be put on public display.

1300 year old tomb was found in Peru
Earlier in Peru, South America, archaeologists discovered a 1300-year-old tomb during the excavation of a cemetery. During excavations in northern Lima, he found a tomb from the Wari Empire. The remains of ‘Lord of Huarmey’ were found in this tomb. Along with this, the remains of six other people were also found. The discovery was announced by the University of Warsaw. The special thing is that gold and silver ornaments were also found on a large scale along with the human remains.

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