Monday, February 6th, 2023

Apple Watch becomes life-saving! The life of such a woman was saved in time, it is a matter of hair-raising

There have been many instances in the past in which Apple Watch saved lives. You will be glad to know that Apple Watch has once again saved someone’s life. This time around, the smartwatch has helped a Michigan woman to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack early and reach the hospital for timely treatment. On reaching the hospital, the doctors did an EKG, which revealed that he had recently suffered a heart attack, but he himself was not aware of it.

timely treatment
According to a report coming from WZZM 13, the Apple Watch helped a woman named Diane Finestra identify the abnormal heart rate. After an irregular heartbeat, Finestra arrived at the hospital before anything fatal could happen. He then had to undergo a stent procedure.

Heart rate was 169 beats per minute
Finestra told that, on April 22, my heart rate was 169 beats per minute, although the most vigorous exercise I did was walking 12 steps. So I called my husband who was at work at the time and said do you think this is related? And he said call your doctor.

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The problem was due to the blockage
He continued, “Unlike men who feel a heaviness in their chest at times, a woman’s symptoms are very different. I was having pain down my left arm, a little swelling in my left leg, I had indigestion. Which I was experiencing as I grew up. The biggest thing was my shoulder pain and I felt like I had vacuumed and pulled my muscles out somehow. Immediately after the EKG, Finestra did more tests, which revealed that he was having problems due to blockage.After going through this condition, Finestra encourages people to check their heart rate every morning as sometimes high heart rate can lead to fatal condition .

Apple Watch has done the life of many people
This is not the first time that Apple Watch has helped save lives. Recently, a 78-year-old man also credited the Apple Watch fall detection feature for saving his life. Mike Yager, of North Carolina, revealed that he had a hard fall in his driveway and fainted. His Apple Watch detected the fall and notified 911 for help.


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