Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

Anxiety, depression, claustrophobia… the problems of the workers will not reduce even after coming out of the tunnel, these diseases can surround them.

Dehradun: 41 workers are now battling health problems after spending more than 130 hours inside the dirty and dusty Silkyara tunnel in Uttarkashi. Apart from constipation, headache, the risk of many mental illnesses like claustrophobia and hypoxia has also increased among the workers. Officials are continuously claiming that essential things like food, water and oxygen are being supplied to the workers trapped in the tunnel. At the same time, medical experts say that things like dry fruits, puffed rice and popcorn are too little for laborers accustomed to eating three times a day. This can obviously put their health at risk.

A senior government doctor in Dehradun said that workers may suffer from respiratory problems due to the presence of large amounts of silica in the tunnel. They would likely have severe respiratory problems after being trapped in the tunnel for a week. Additionally, some individuals may suffer from hypoxia. There is difficulty in maintaining normal oxygen level, pulse rate and blood pressure.

Uttarkashi CMO RCS Panwar said that they are trying their best in these circumstances. As per the demand of the stranded workers, Vitamin C, medicines for constipation and headache have already been sent to them. On Saturday morning, a group of laborers expressed their disappointment, complaining that the rescue operation had stopped. Tinku Kumar, a fellow laborer of the workers trapped in the tunnel, said, ‘Our brothers trapped in the tunnel need food even to digest the medicines. The officials should understand that they have not received proper food for a week. Just popcorn and dry fruits will not suffice.

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The Indian Psychiatric Society also raised concerns about possible mental health issues among workers trapped in the tunnel. Laxmikant Rathi, vice president of the Indian Psychiatric Society, said that even after the rescue, the workers will need a lot of medical attention because being trapped in the tunnel for a long time can have different psychological reactions for different people. He said that ‘in such a situation every brain reacts differently. After being trapped inside the tunnel for such a long period, workers are likely to suffer from mental health problems such as anxiety or depression. Even after rescue, he needs to be kept under observation for some time.

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