Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: Anupama is all alone looking for Anuj, hitting the spot

Anupamaa Upcoming Episode: The show Anupama has taken a very serious turn at this time. Anupama is all alone. Anuj has left her and gone. Maya has taken Anu. In such a situation, now Anupama’s heart is not feeling in that house. Now in the upcoming episode it will be shown that Anupama will be seen remembering the past. Anupama will think that this house is not a house without Anuj and Anu. Thinking that there is no point in living in that house anymore, she will do her packing and don’t know in which direction she will move. Anu will go on thinking where to go now, Anuj left her in the middle of the way. In such a situation, who will be his/her support now?

Who will be Anupama’s support?

A new promo has surfaced from the show in which it is shown that Anupama will wander along with her Saamana on the way. Anupama will be wondering where to go, in such a situation a hand will come on her shoulder to support her. Anupama will look back and tears will come in her eyes. It is being speculated that this would be Ba’s hand. Which will once again take Anupama to her home with her.

Vanraj is very happy due to the destruction of Anupama.

In the earlier episodes, Anupama will be seen searching for Anuj. Anupama will be seen breaking down that only then Vanraj will be seen giving her patience. In such a situation, will Anupama’s steps lead towards her past life? Will Anupama also leave Anuj’s rut? Was Anuj and Anupama only this much of a relationship? Knowing this is going to be very interesting.

Let me tell you, in the earlier episode it was shown that Vanraj seems very happy due to Anupama’s destruction. When Bapuji realizes that a mountain of troubles has broken in his/her Anu’s life, he/she shares it with the family members. When Vanraj gets to know about the quarrel between Anu and Anuj, then at that time he/she says – he/she is feeling very good. Does Vanraj have bad intentions regarding Anupama? Knowing this is going to be very interesting.

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