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Anupamaa: Malti Devi showed her fierce form, even after slapping Anupama on the cheek, her anger did not calm down

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert 13 July 2023 : A big twist has come to the fore in the show Anupama. Once again Anupama has broken her dream of going to America and doing something big in life. Along with herself, Anupama has also caused a lot of damage to Guru Maa. Earlier, Malti Devi had a feeling that Anupama could do something like this. In such a situation, Guru Maa had already decided the punishment against Anupama. Malti Devi will not leave Anupama at any cost,

Anupama will be in bad condition, Malti Devi will be insulted in front of the family?
In the upcoming episodes, it will be shown that Anupama will not be able to control herself when she hears the painful voice of younger Anu on Anuj’s phone and will leave Vanraj-Guruma at the airport and go straight to Kapadia Mansion. Just a while ago, Vanraj had taught Anupama that do not put your dreams on hold for anyone, fight for your dreams just do not stop. But all the knowledge given by Vanraj was wasted. Anupama then went back to Kapadia mansion and Anu didn’t even take care of Malti Devi.

The plane left for America without taking Anupama

Anupama had reached the airport to go to America, but after hearing little Anu’s voice, she ran away like crazy. In such a situation, the plane of Anupama’s dreams left for America without taking her. Here, Malti Devi kept watching at that time that Anupama will come when she comes now. Seeing Anupama falling while running, she understood that Anupama had changed her decision. Now in the coming episode, Malti Devi will show her tandav full of anger.

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Malti Devi will perform tandav by climbing on Anupama’s head

In the coming episodes, when Anupama meets Chhoti, everything will be calm. When Anuj will see Anu on the threshold of Kapadia house, he/she will be surprised. Anupama will be seen saying that she could not go and will cry hugging Anuj. Only then Guru Maa will come from behind. Insulting Guru Maa Anupama will say that you did not respect your opportunity, did such a trick with the one who supported you. As soon as she says this, Malti Devi will slap Anupama on her face. Seeing this, Anuj will turn red with anger, while Anupama will signal Anuj to stop. Now it has become very interesting to know what will happen next in the show.

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