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Anupamaa-Anuj are forever together, Maya’s chapter from the show closes, this big twist will come

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Anupamaa-Anuj are forever together

The upcoming episode of Anupamaa will see Maya creating havoc in the Kapadia house. Maya will realize time and again that Anuj is going to America with Anupama. She will not be ready to understand anything and will be seen shouting at Anuj and Anupama later Anupama will go and talk to Maya about her behavior and ask her to change her attitude. Anupama will talk to Maya about Anuj’s condition as he/she is facing a lot in his/her personal life. Anupama will talk about the three turning points in Anuj’s life.

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Maya will realize her mistake

Anupama tells Maya that the first incident was the death of her parents due to her mistake. The second incident was that he/she got Mukku married to a wrong person who turned out to be a wife beater and finally Maya had an accident which plunged her into deep guilt. Anupama will talk to Maya and make her realize that Anuj is trying hard to live under the same roof with her and hence she should not test her patience.

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Maya will die

Maya and Anupama will have a heart to heart conversation where Anupama will open Maya’s eyes and tell her what wrong she and Anuj are doing with little Anu. Maya will realize her mistake that she is torturing her own daughter and making her life hell. She will go to Anupama and apologize as she cannot bear the pain of being wrong. Anupama will forgive Maya. Anupama is about to meet with an accident but Maya pushes her and instead meets with an accident and dies. There will be a huge impact on Anupama as she will feel guilty for Maya’s death.

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