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Anupamaa 22 April Episode: Maya’s plan will fail, Barkha’s truth will come in front of Anupamaa

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Anupama thinks about Anuj. he/she is worried about facing her. Anupama and both remember the past moments with each other. The same Anu asks Anuj why he/she was going secretly to meet Anupama. Anuj looks at Maya. Anu requests Anuj if she can come along. Maya thinks she wanted Anu to insist on going with Anuj so that she can also come. Anu asks Anuj if she can also come. Anuj explains to Anu that he/she is leaving for an important work so she cannot come along. Anu understands. Maya thinks why Anu is so nice and doesn’t behave like a normal kid as she is not stubborn.

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Barkha gets ready to go to office with Ankush and more. Pakhi also gets ready. Barkha asks Pakhi where she is going. Pakhi says she is coming to office. She says earlier Anuj and Anupama helped her patch up with Adhik and she will do the same this time too. Barkha is shocked to know that Ankush used to call Anuj as Anupama at the same time. Pakhi says weather will change and Anuj, Anupama will be together. Pakhi informs Anupama about Barkha’s intention. Kanta and Bhavesh are stunned. Anuj gets restless thinking how he/she will face Anupama. he/she worries how he/she will face Anupama’s question.

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Anuj dreams that Anupama is roaming around. Pakhi asks Anupama not to worry as Barkha cannot take possession of the house and property. Anupama tells Pakhi that the house is not hers without Anuj Kapadia and she is happy at Kanta’s place. Pakhi tells Anupama that it is important for her to reach office on time and confront Anuj. She asks Anupama to start talking even if Anuj doesn’t. Vanraj gets restless. Leela asks the reason. Kavya says Vanraj is worried as Anuj is going to meet Anupama today. Hasmukh prays to Anuj, Anupama to get back together. Leela says Anupama should not forgive Anuj. Kavya tells Vanraj that her dream is going to be shattered. Vanraj thinks Anuj cannot meet Anupama. Maya calls Barkha. Barkha ignores Maya’s call. She plans to separate Anuj and Anupama.

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