Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Anupama Update: Anupama and Anuj’s closeness is bringing a new twist between the distance of Samar and Nandini!

The episode begins with Anupama and Vanraj. Here Anu says that Vanraj should be careful with Malavika. She is Anuj’s sister. She says that she should not repeat the point that Vanraj’s wife is Kavya, which is his responsibility. Vanraj says that Kavya is not his responsibility. And it’s not his fault that Malavika is over-friendly. He is neither interested in Malavika nor in Kavya. On this Anupama warns him that this should not happen.

Meanwhile, Leela in the Shah family asks Samar if he had any fight with Nandini. Samar denies this. And says that everything is fine and that he wants to marry Nandini. On this Leela teases him and runs to kill him jokingly. After that she sits down tired. And thinks that everything is really fine between these two or Samar is lying.

Here, Anupama goes to Anuj’s cabin in the office. And clears her misunderstandings about Malavika and Vanraj’s relationship. Tells that she is just a friend, there are some relationships which are seen more than friendship but what is seen is not like that. On this Anuj looks at her and says that some relationships are more than friendship, but visible only give friendship. On hearing this, Anupama starts blushing. And both of them start looking at each other. In this situation, Malavika sees both of them and prays for both of them to live with such love forever.

Meanwhile, Samar keeps taking selfies. Then Nandini comes. He tells her to let’s take a new year selfie together. But she appears upset because of Kavya. She says that Kavya left the house because of her family and no one stopped her. Samar tries to pacify her but Nandini keeps blaming the Shah family only. Samar gets angry on this. He says that behind everything is Kavya’s fault. That’s when Leela comes. She scolds both of them for creating the scene and takes them inside the house. There too they are seen arguing with each other.

Anupama is lost in dreams while standing in the office. Where both he and Anuj are dancing on a romantic song in a garden. When Anuj calls her later, she is shocked and rushes to the house.

Anupama Update: New twist in the show came from the closeness of Malvika and Vanraj ShahSpoiler Alert: Pakhi’s boyfriend’s entry in ‘Anupama’, eyes on Sai-Virat’s divorce in ‘Gum Hai Kisi…’



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