Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Another move by Pakistan-Turkey, demand for the arrest of Indian Home Minister and Army Chief from Britain

London: Pakistan, which has eaten every kind of mouth in Kashmir, has now played another trick to trap India. A Turkish-linked law firm (Stoke White) in the UK capital London has demanded the arrest of Indian Home Minister Amit Shah and Army Chief General MM Naravane for alleged war crimes in Kashmir. Not only this, he has also submitted the report containing the statements of 2,000 people allegedly living in Kashmir to the London Police. It claims that this is evidence of ‘war crimes’ and ‘violence’ being committed by India in Kashmir.

On the other hand, Indian officials believe that this is a Pakistan-backed propaganda. Complaints against the Indian Army, ministers and senior officers have also been given to the war crimes investigation unit of the London Police. The law firm has asked the London Police to investigate alleged Indian crimes in Kashmir. Meanwhile, an Indian source has said that this law firm is linked to Turkish officials and is working on behalf of Pakistan.

The Indian official said that no UK authority has contacted the Indian High Commission regarding the police complaint. “This report is foolish to give any answer. The report mentions alleged genocide and human rights violations but is completely silent on the cross-border terrorism promoted by Pakistan. The law firm Stoke White International that filed the petition has offices in Istanbul and London. This law firm specializes in Islamic laws. It has good contacts with Turkey.

This law firm claims that it has its own investigative unit within the ambit of the law, which investigates matters related to public interest. The law firm said in a statement that it has submitted its report ‘India War Crimes in Kashmir to the War Crimes Unit of the Metropolitan Police. We have demanded the arrest of the Home Minister of India and the Army Chief for crimes in Kashmir. Last year, the same law firm filed a petition against the UAE and Saudi Arabia for committing war crimes in Yemen. Saudi Arabia has ongoing tensions with Turkey.

At the same time, Pakistan is continuously increasing its friendship with Turkey. Turkey, under the leadership of Erdogan, currently wants to make itself the new caliph in the region and is taking Pakistan’s help in this. Turkish President Erdogan is repeatedly speaking on behalf of Pakistan on Kashmir, while India also does not support Turkey on the issue of Cyprus. This law firm had made the Ankara Agreement for the people of Turkey, due to which thousands of Turkish citizens are now living in Britain. Britain has global jurisdiction to investigate war crimes under the Geneva Act of 1957. Turkey and Pakistan want to take advantage of this.


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