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Angry threw water on brother, court put him/her in jail for 30 years! Old age will be spent behind bars

There are different types of people in the world. Some people do not get angry easily, no matter what someone says to them. On the other hand, some people are so short-tempered that they get angry every now and then. We all are told that we should never do any such act in anger, which will be harmed later. However, it is not easy to be so conscious and often a few moments of anger gives a long punishment.

Something similar happened with an elderly man living in Florida province of America. We all know that when the strength of the body is less, then the elders get more angry. David Sherman Powelson, 64, of Lee County, also fell victim to the same weakness and was charged with a serious charge for a small matter (Man Faces Up To 30 Years in Jail for Throwing Water) and his/her future life in prison. I am about to be cut.

water was thrown on brother
One night David Sherman Powelson and his/her brothers were having dinner together. Meanwhile, an argument started between the two of them. The debate was going on that David had eaten his/her brother’s lime pie kept in the fridge for a few days. When the argument escalated between the two, David, who was near the kitchen, took water in a big glass and threw it on his/her brother to calm him/her down. After drinking two glasses of water in a row, the brother made an emergency call to the police at 8.30 pm and called them telling that his/her life was in danger.

Such a big charge on such a small thing!
The interesting thing is that for such a small thing, a special kind of charge has been imposed on David. This charge is imposed on a person only when he/she has intentionally caused grievous bodily harm to someone or has made someone permanently handicapped. Although nothing like this happened in this case and David’s brother did not get any injuries.

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