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Ancient Sea Creature: 10 million years old strange creature came out of the sea, you will be surprised to see sharp teeth

Canberra : The skeleton of a giant marine reptile has been discovered in Australia which is around 100 million years old. Researchers are happy with this discovery because this discovery can give many important information about prehistoric life. This skeleton is of 6 meters i.e. about 19 feet long long-necked plesiosaur, also known as elasmosaur. It was discovered in August by a group of three people searching for fossils in western Queensland.

Aspen Knutson, senior curator of paleontology at the Queensland Museum, compared the discovery to the Rosetta Stone, reports CNN. The ancient Egyptian granite stone was rediscovered in 1799 with the help of which experts decoded the hieroglyphs. “We never got head and body together,” Knutson said in a statement on Wednesday. This could be the key to future research in this area.

Gold Treasure: Precious gold necklace was buried in England for 1300 years, skeleton of princess found with jewelry in excavation
very rare skeleton with head and body
They said it could give paleontologists more information about the origin, evolution and ecology of the Cretaceous period in the region. Often after death the head of the plesiosaur was separated from the body. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to find fossils with head and body. The discovery was made by a group of amateur paleontologists known as ‘rock chicks’. Cassandra Prince, her sister Cynthia and fellow fossil hunter Sally.

1300 year old gold necklace found out of soil
Similarly, some archaeologists in Britain have discovered a 1300 year old gold necklace. This necklace is made of precious stones and garnet apart from gold. The treasure was discovered by archaeologists in April in the county of Northamptonshire in central England. Jewelry discovered alongside the skeleton of an aristocratic woman is being called the Harpole Treasure. It also indicates a strong role for women in Anglo-Saxon England.

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